The Vortexes at Kalstein

A vortex is a device used in laboratories to mix small vials of liquid. It consists of an electric motor with a vertically oriented drive shaft attached to a slightly mounted recessed rubber part.

This equipment is very important in the laboratory, like other equipment, since it helps and allows the development of some research. It is considered a very useful tool for mixing substances. It also saves time on stirring liquids.

Types of vortex

In the market there are several types of vortex mixers, each of them has evolved over time, at Kalstein we show you the main characteristics of each of them:

Multiple velocity vortex

This type of vortex allows you to use several tubes at the same time, but unlike other vortexes, it offers a multiple speed and on a large scale. It has several platforms. One is used to put the microanalysis tubes and another to control the microprocessor, which regulates the time and speed. It is specially designed to be used in biochemistry and molecular biology laboratories.

Vortex of a tube

This type of shaker uses an eccentric mechanism, for smooth combinations with highly efficient results, in suspensions of cells or components of chemical or biological liquids. This type of vortex has two modes of operation, continuous and pulsed.

Multiple vortex tubes

This type of vortex is designed to mix multiple tubes or containers. They are useful during the intense washing of cells, bacteria, yeasts, as well as in the washing of cultures, during the extraction of enzymes or metabolites from cell cultures. It also has continuous and pulse operation. Its main advantage is that this vortex has the ability to mix up to 32 tubes at the same time.

Advantages of using a vortex

  • Laboratory vortexes are important to use in gear mechanisms, this is because they are silent and much more efficient than other equipment.
  • They are generally very comfortable in sizes and easy to clean.
  • Their advantage is that they solve some problems when used instead of motorized agitators.

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