The operating room and LED lamps

An operating room is a set of structural sections, whose operation is directly related to the operation of the surgery rooms, since it provides specialized medical personnel, which is composed of surgeons and their assistants, the infrastructure, equipment and instruments necessary to carry out interventions Surgical efficiently and safely, under controlled and strict hygiene conditions.

One of the most relevant elements to perform efficient and quality work within an operating room is lighting, and is decisive not only for the surgeon but for the entire work team and during any type of procedure or work performed there. .

Until very recently, it was considered that lighting with halogen lamps was the best that could exist due to the quality of lighting they provide, but they offer a very serious inconvenience, which is the way in which they quickly and considerably raise the temperature of the place where they are used

In addition, these types of lamps frequently have unfavorable failures and blackouts, which in some situations can be truly disastrous, especially when it happens during a difficult and / or risky procedure, and it is necessary to stop to replace the damaged unit (s).

Today there are excellent alternatives such as LED lighting, which offers great advantages and multiple applications in all areas, and especially in what medicine refers to, and especially surgery.

LED technology provides high quality light without generating high temperatures. This simple aspect is vital in the operating rooms and rooms where medical examinations are performed.

What performance and application specifications must LED luminaries meet for operating rooms in operating rooms?

• Ease of mechanical adjustment at any angle or position, through a combination of horizontal or vertical retractable movements with quick manual maneuverability.

• Generate null values of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation, to avoid desiccation or damage to the exposed tissues of the patient or injured during the surgical intervention and the heat in the back of the head of the surgeons and their assistants .

• Ease of maintenance and accessibility, by mounting it on the ceiling in a suspended way, thus eliminating the accumulation of contaminating particles and avoiding obstructions to surgeons and their assistants.

• Provide a high value of directed light intensity, with a minimum of visual fatigue to the human eye, which can cause eye fatigue for surgeons and their assistants.

• Null generation of shadows, which allows a high emission of a high uniform luminous flux and concentrated in the area of surgical intervention.

• Compatibility of construction design with laminar flow air conditioning systems located on the roof, for the control of contaminating particles in compliance with specifications for areas of controlled environments (clean rooms).

And what advantages does LED lighting offer inside the operating room?

Doctors in general look for different characteristics in the lighting of their different work spaces. Among them, the following stand out mainly:

• Whiter light. In the operating room the light should be as white as possible since the doctor needs to carefully observe the coloration of the organs and other tissues as an indicator of the patient’s health status. If the assessment is wrong because of the light tones, there may be serious complications related to failures in diagnosis or procedure.

• This is a determining factor in the selection of operating room lamps. LED bulbs, however powerful they are, do not get hot. They can be touched by hand without risk of burns.

• While the life of a halogen lamp is between 1,500 and 2,000 hours, the LEDs last between 30,000 and 50,000.

•Economy. In addition to its long duration, low power consumption and savings in the use of air conditioning are added. Although LED lamps are more expensive than halogen lamps, their durability and performance far outweigh their cost.

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