The Irrelevance of Changing Quality in Laboratory Chambers

Over the years, the quality of laboratory chambers has improved significantly; this has led many to believe that laboratory equipment manufacturers should make even greater changes to further improve quality. 

The reality is that, although technological advances are always welcome, in this situation, improving the quality of laboratory chambers is not necessary; in fact, the performance laws applied to this type of equipment have already been pushed as far as possible within the limits of economic feasibility. 

Disadvantages that can be generated in upgrading laboratory chambers: 

At the same time; making changes to improve the quality of laboratory chambers would actually be irrelevant and could even result in a step backward from laboratory products already designed today. 

A change in the quality of digital cameras could improve the efficiency with which the results of experiments are measured, but it would entail higher development, manufacturing, and approval costs; this would mean new projects based on specific products, while an increase in quality in existing products is simply not possible. 

Sometimes the decision to purchase equipment for laboratories, and in this case a camera, will not always depend on the researcher

On the other hand, it is important to note that the purchase of laboratory equipment is often made through contracts established with specific companies, so the versatility of a given manufacturer is limited, the flexibility and adjustments needed to improve the quality of the products are not available to the manufacturers. 

Consequently, modifications to the design of existing products would not be sufficient to improve the quality of laboratory chambers; it is important to note that the quality of laboratory equipment components is not designed to meet the latest quality standards. 

Improving the quality of laboratory equipment not only loses its relevance, but can also result in unreasonable overspending

This is due to the time needed to verify new components and check their reliability, function and safety; during this process, project start-up time is delayed and costs increase. 

In conclusion, the quality of laboratory chambers has improved significantly over the years; however, making additional quality changes would actually be a fruitless endeavor due to the feasibility of costs, taxes for the acquisition of specific equipment, and the long verification time needed before a laboratory equipment is ready for use. 

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