Viscosity Measuring Analyzer Laboratory Viscometer YR05855 – YR05856



Digital rotary viscosity operation is more convenient, more accurate value measurement, more complete functions.

With LCD backlight display, program setting,automatic control, timing measurement, automatic scanning, error alarm and other functions. The screen shows the viscosity, temperature, timing measurement time, speed, rotor number, percent ratio, torque range of measurement to the viscosity and other information. The full range viscometer and the block linearity all through the computer interface with the standard silicone oil measurement correction, to ensure that the instrument has high sensitivity, high precision, high repetition. The measured data is accurate and reliable, with good reproducibility.

The apparent viscosity of absolute viscosity or non Newton type liquid digital viscometer can be measured. The Newton type liquid viscometer data processing software can be summarized for rheological properties of non Newton liquid.

Widely used in grease, paint, paint, textile, food, slurry, medicine, cosmetics and other adhesives, fluid, semi fluid production industry and scientific research units.

  • Measurement data direct LCD screen display does not require two calculations
  • Using the latest international microcomputer drive technology, import stepper motor, accurate speed, smooth and reliable
  • The use of advanced switching power supply technology, voltage and frequency range wide, power fluctuations will not affect measurement accuracy
  • Level display device is very convenient on the front of the viscometer
  • All ranges, the display accuracy of viscosity value is accurate to two decimal places, that is, 0.01mpa.S.
  • With the function of timing measurement, it is very useful for detecting non Newtonian liquid
  • Using small sample adapters, the amount of sample required for each measurement is very small, 18ml.
  • Automatic scanning function, the instrument can automatically recommend the best combination of rotor and speed
  • Automatically display the maximum range of viscosity that the selected combination can measure10. With a print interface, you can directly connect to play micro printing machine, print a variety of data
  • Optional data processing software, can record real-time viscosity with time, speed or rotor (shear rate), temperature changes vary, which provides a good method to understand the viscosity and rheological properties of non Newtonian liquids.
Technical Specification
Model YR05855 YR05856
Rotating speed (r/min ) 3/6/12/30/60 0.3/0.6/1.5/3/6/12/30/60
Measuring range (mPa.s )
1~100000 1~6000000
Measure viscometer lower than 10, pls choose the optional accessory: 0# rotor
Rotor 1-4# rotors (Standard); 0# rotors (optional)
Measuring error (Newtonian liquids) ±0.5% ±1%
Repetitive error (Newtonian liquids) ±0.25% ±0.5%
Timer function yes yes
Power 110V / 60Hz or 220V / 50Hz
Overall dimensions 300 * 300 * 450mm

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 41 cm

YR05855, YR05856

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