Polarizing Microscope YR0261

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

  • Supply high quality and contrast image with special strain free objective.
  • Single polarization, othorgonal polarization and conoscopic observationon.
  • Transmitted light and reflect light, 24V/100W long life halogen lamp.
  • Stage with 45°located, attachable mechanical stage with large moving range, high efficiency by no interference when turning objectives.
  • Professional polarizing microscope for geology, petroleum, chemicals, polymer, LED field.
YR0261 Infinite optical system
Optical System Infinite optical system
Viewing Head Seidentopf trinocular head inclined at 30°, Interpupillary 48-75mm
Plan eyepiece EW10X/22
Plan eyepiece with scale of crosshair, Plan eyepiece with cross, Plan eyepiece with gridding
Strain-Free Plan
Achromatic Objective
4X/0.10/∞/- WD 17.3mm
10X/0.25/∞/0.17 WD 10.0mm
20X/0.40/∞/0.17 WD 5.10mm
40X/0.65/∞/0.17 WD 0.54mm
100X/1.25/∞/0.17 WD 0.13mm
Nosepiece Backward quintuple nosepiece, Center adjustable
Analyzer 360° dial rotation Minimum scale reading:0.1°(Vernier scale)
Conoscopic observation
Switch between orthoscopic and conoscopic observation, Bertrand lens position adjustable
Optical Compensator First-order red plate, Guarter-wave plate, Quartz wedge
Polarizing Rotatable
Diameter Φ170mm, Center adjustment, 360° scale, Minimum division 1°,
Minimum reading 6′ by means of vernier scale, 45° Click stop knob
Attachable Stage Moving range 30mmX40mm
Condenser Strain-free swing condenser NA0.9/0.25
Focusing Coaxial coarse & fine adjustment, Range 32mm, Fine division 0.001mm, Coarse stroke 37.7mm per
rotation, Fine stroke 0.1mm per rotation
Polarizer 360°rotatable 0°position adjustable
Illumination 24V/100W Halogen lamp, Brightness adjustable
Blue filter Φ45mm
ND6 Neutral density filter Φ45mm
ND25 Neutral density filter Φ45mm
Video attachment
0.01mm Micrometer

Additional Information

Weight 16,5 kg
Dimensions 46,3 × 38,4 × 83 cm

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