Polarizing Microscope YR0261


Product Description

  • Quintuple Nosepiece Center Adjustable
  • Strain-free Infinity Plan Objectives 4x10x40x100x
  • Round Stage Dia.170mm Center Adjustable
  • Analyizer Unit With Bertrand Lens, λ Slip, 1/4λ Slip, Quartz Wedge
  • Transmit Halogen 24V100W Brightness Adjustable
Technical Specifications
Model YR0261
Objective Strainfree Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective 20x/0.4/∞/- W.D. 5.1mm YR0261-op1
Stage Attachable Stage, Moving Range 30*40mm YR0261-op1
Filter Netural Filter ND25 YR0261-op1
Netural Filter ND26 YR0261-op1
Adapter Photo Adapter YR0261-op1
C-Mount 1.0x YR0261-op1
Items YR0261
Optical System Infinity Optical System
Head Seidentopf Trinocular Head, 30° Inclined, Interpupillary 48~75mm, Diopter Adjustable
Eyepiece Plan Eyepiece EW10x/22mm, Eyepiece Tube Dia.30mm
Plan Eyepiece With Scale of Crosshair
Plan Eyepiece With Cross
Plan Eyepiece With Gridding
Objective Strainfree Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective
4x/0.10/∞/- W.D.17.3mm
10x/0.25/∞/0.17 W.D.10mm
40x/0.65/∞/0.17 W.D.0.54mm
100x/1.25/∞/0.17 W.D.0.13mm
Nosepiece Backward Quintuple Nosepiece, Center Adjustable
Analyzer 360° Dial Rotation Analyzer, Minimum Scale Reading 0.1° (Vernial Scale)
Switch Between Orthoscopic And Conoscopic Observation
Bertrand Lens Postion Adjustable
Optical Compensator: λ Slip (First Class Red), 1/4λ Slip, Quartz Wedge
Working Stage Polarizing Rotatable Stage, Dia.170mm, Center Adjustable
360° Scale, Minimum Division 1°
Minimum Reading 6′ By Means of Vernial Scale
45° Click Stop Knob
Condenser Strainfree Swing Condenser N.A.0.95/0.25
Focusing Coaxial Coarse & Fine Adjustment, Focusing Range 32mm, Fine Division 0.001mm, Coarse Stroke 37.7mm Per Rotation, Fine Stroke 0.1mm Per Rotation
Polarizer 360° Rotatable, 0° Position Adjustable
Filter Blue Filter, Dia.45mm
Illumination Transmit Illumination Halogen Lamp 24V100W, Brightness Adjustable

Additional Information

Weight 16,5 kg
Dimensions 46,3 × 38,4 × 83 cm

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