Penicillin: New Food Of The Bacteria

Several studies during the last months had announced the emergence of global health to new bacteria that became immune to existing antibiotics, representing a pharmaceutical and chemical challenge for established patterns within the types of treatments according to the infection that each patient presented. But a new finding made by scientists at the University of Washintong showed that currently emerging new microbes that break down the base of Penicillin, to take advantage of some of its properties (They feed on them) strengthening its load within the human body.

The scientists announced that this type of bacteria capable of taking advantage of the antibiotic, after decomposing them by themselves, are commonly those that come from hostile processes and high mutative index, such as those of soil and garbage that, when absorbed by people, they tend to evolve more easily, and acquiring new characteristics not previously studied by public health specialists. 

The objective of continuing to study the enzymes that manage to feed on Penicillin, is not only to provide affected patients a timely solution to what could become a matter of days in deadly health complications, but also the formulation of products capable of eliminating These bacteria from common surfaces, such as handles, soils and garbage in direct contact with living beings. 

The World Health Organization continues to send and insist on the list created and sent to the governments of the world, with the most dangerous bacteria, those symptoms and internal manifestations of those not fully studied to date and exhorting the creation and prevention of health and science systems that can cover the demands already mentioned, divided by the agency into three: critical, medium and high. In order to reduce the number of annual deaths (700,000 people) due to ineffective antibiotics. visit our website HERE