Laboratory freezers at Kalstein

Freezers are refrigeration equipment that is composed of a thermally insulated compartment, which allows it to keep cold and thus avoid damage or degradation of substances. These equipments maintain the cold by compression or by absorption, being able to maintain temperatures below 0 ° C, usually between -30 ° C and -4 ° C, although more modern frerzers can reach temperatures of -80 ° C .

These machines are generally made of robust and durable materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum or powder-coated sheet steel. The laboratory freezers have a selection of distributors or internal storage compartments, some of which can be configured by the user. They can also have combinations of doors, baskets, shelves, adjustable and interchangeable trays that have been designed for use in the freezing process.

They are teams that are generally not very demanding from the point of view of maintenance, but they are with regard to the electrical power system. However, if they are connected to good quality electrical systems and have adequate ventilation around them, they can work for years without requiring specialized technical service.

What is the function of a laboratory freezer?

A laboratory freezer has the function of maintaining a controlled environment, where fluids, substances, reagents, biological samples, can be kept in good condition, for optimal use in the laboratory. That is, they are equipment that greatly contributes to the management and conservation of substances, which is why they are considered essential equipment in any laboratory.

Kalstein freezers features

At Kalstein we have a wide range of laboratory freezers, designed with the highest technology and quality on the market. Our available freezers are usually equipped with a series of standard or additional features, which position them as the best in the field of refrigeration, among them we can mention:

  • Easy-to-use digital touchscreens.
  • Audible or visual alarms for excessive temperature increases.
  • Refrigeration systems with efficient energy consumption, controlled through microprocessors.
  • Pump systems for rapid cooling periods.
  • Doors with more secure locks for samples.
  • Internal doors and high-performance insulation foam to minimize temperature losses.
  • Automatic gas defrosting systems.
  • USB interface for data storage.

What characteristics to consider when choosing a laboratory freezer?

The choice of a laboratory freezer should be made taking into account, in addition to the intended use, the capacity, the temperature range it offers, the configuration, and the number and type of doors.

  • Capacity: the storage volume is decisive and your choice will depend on the type of service for which the refrigerator will be used.
  • Temperature range: it is a very important criterion. Most refrigerators have a temperature range between -80 ° C and -4 ° C, according to quality standards.
  • Configuration – to be chosen based on available space in the lab or pharmacy. Vertical freezers are the most common, but there are also horizontal refrigerators.
  • Number and types of doors: Refrigerators can have between one and four doors.

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