Improving Operational Efficiency by Using the Optical Surgical Navigator


Improving operational efficiency depends heavily on the proper use of equipment and software, and one way to achieve an increase in operational efficiency is with the use of an optical surgical navigator. These surgical systems are increasingly common in surgical environments, and offer a variety of measurable advantages for users. They improve surgical time, accuracy and control, and this in turn can translate into better clinical outcomes for the patient and better customer satisfaction.

An optical surgical navigator is a surgical device or software used to navigate within the surgical field. Unlike traditional surgical visit equipment, optical surgical navigators allow medical professionals to visualize the patient’s anatomy in more detail and accuracy. This is possible thanks to the advanced technology they use to capture images of the patient from various angles, as well as the ability to generate 3D from the reconstruction of the captured data. This means that medical professionals can have a more accurate view of the exact location of organs and tissues, and can do surgical procedures more accurately and in less time, improving operational efficiency.

Operational Advantages in the Use of the Optical Surgical Navigator

We can confirm that optical surgical browsers allow a lot of flexibility for users. For example, the user can customize the display to adjust the image according to their preferences. This will allow the user to have a clear view of the surgical field, using their own vision preferences, thus improving operational efficiency. This flexibility in visualization is also useful for surgical items, as users can see the area being worked on in more detail, thus improving the accuracy of surgical procedures.

In addition, optical surgical browsers offer a high level of security for medical professionals. These systems include advanced security technology to offer maximum protection against any possible intrusion, as well as the security necessary to ensure the accuracy of the data obtained during the surgical procedure. Security is also reinforced by the ability of optical surgical browsers to automatically correct errors, meaning that temporary errors will not affect final results. Optical surgical browsers also improve safety by allowing users to perform calculations and tests manually to confirm results before applying treatments.

Importance to the user

Optical surgical browsers also allow the user to save and access data through the cloud, allowing him to easily share data with other medical professionals in his area. This means that users can access patient data from any location, enabling better operational efficiency, especially when it comes to performing long-distance surgical procedures or tracking patients in different locations.

Finally, it is important to note that optical surgical browsers also offer great cost savings for medical professionals. This is because equipment is relatively inexpensive to obtain and maintain, has a relatively long service life, and offers significant benefits to users. This reduction in costs, along with the other benefits mentioned above, makes optical surgical browsers a valuable tool to improve operational efficiency.

Advantages of Using the KALSTEIN brand Optical Surgical Navigator

In conclusion, KALSTEIN optical surgical browsers offer a number of advantages that contribute to improving the operational efficiency of a variety of surgical environments. These include greater accuracy, flexibility, security, and saved data can be accessed from anywhere. At the same time, the cost of optical surgical browsers is relatively low, making them an extremely attractive tool for improving operational efficiency. The YR02143 Optical Surgical Navigation System can be used for all neurological and ODR. surgeries, especially for deep intracranial injuries, low intracranial volume injuries, low-invasive edge intracranial injuries and minimally invasive surgeries.

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