How to Choose the Right Oven?

Good performance is vital for laboratories. Having the proper equipment to perform activities such as routine applications is a key factor for success. Among the equipment needed to perform these tasks, drying and heating ovens are one of the most important basic equipment required.

Ovens are designed with an interior stainless steel chamber, for temperatures from room temperature to 300ºC, analogic and digital. The researcher can determine time and temperature according to the requirements and depending on the material (glass or metal). These ovens are meant to be for high-forced volume thermal applications providing a uniform temperature throughout the entire procedure, often used not only for drying and heating but also for sterilizing. Application, dimension, capacity and lab budgets are some of the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing the right oven. There are several types of ovens: Gravity convection, Mechanical convection, Force convection, Force exhaust ovens, and Side draught ovens.

Gravity convection oven

These ovens are used when temperature uniformity is not needed. It is the ideal when the substance that needs to be heated could be interrupted by an airflow.

Mechanical convection oven

These ovens are designed to maintain a good temperature uniformity and for faster heating or drying, it is assisted by a recirculating fan to keep the uniformity in the temperature.

Vacuum oven

Is used when substances are hygroscopic and heat sensitive, and these ovens create a vacuum to decrease the pressure below the vapour pressure of water. They are especially used for delicate drying processes such as removing flammable solvents.

Laboratory ovens are used in a wide range of applications in industries: ovens can be used in QA laboratories, biotech, pharmaceuticals and materials manufacturing. Some uses of ovens include:

  • High-temperature, vacuum, gravity or mechanical convection ovens are mostly used in clinical and pharmaceutical labs and forensics.
  • Gravity convection ovens are useful in biological laboratories to remove microbiological contaminants in laboratory instruments.
  • Gravity convection and forced-air ovens are used to dry specimens and weight samples before and after drying.
  • Forced-air and multi-purpose ovens are ovens for drying and sterilizing glassware or metal materials in laboratories.
  • Vacuum ovens are ideal for materials requiring an inert atmosphere.

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