How does a sleep pencil meter work?

Many patients admit that they have trouble sleeping and suspect they may suffer from sleep apnea, but they do not take the appropriate test because they are afraid of it and its consequences. But it should be clarified that it is a very simple test, without pain, without large appliances and that can be done at the patient’s home.

Sleep apnea is a serious problem that prevents you from sleeping and resting properly and therefore ends up leading to sleepiness, lack of energy and long-term depression. There are people who wake up with breathing interruptions and who recognize that they may suffer from sleep apnea, however, they do not perform a professional consultation because they are afraid of the test.

What is the study of sleep apnea?

The study of sleep apnea is carried out in a simple and practical way in the patient’s own home. Thus, more accurate and real results are achieved since the patient sleeps in his usual bed and up to five information channels are recorded: respiratory effort, pulse, oxygen saturation, nasal flow and snoring. Chest movements are also important because they show if the patient is making an effort to breathe.

Apart from not requiring hospitalization in any medical setting, the home exam for sleep apnea is usually more comfortable and less intimidating than the study of sleep done in a laboratory and usually involves fewer sensors.

What parameters do these devices measure?

Portable devices for monitoring sleep on home exams generally measure heart rate, blood oxygen level, air flow and respiratory patterns during sleep. If you have sleep apnea, the test results will show decreases in the oxygen level when you stop breathing, followed by an increase in that level when you wake up.

What should you keep in mind?

In most people with suspected obstructive sleep apnea, but who are otherwise healthy, the home sleep apnea test may be the first alternative in order to distinguish between obstructive sleep apnea and only snoring. However, the home study may not be suitable for those with significant heart or lung problems or for those suffering from neurological disease.

The device is very small and only tries to measure the breath in order to obtain an exact diagnosis. Therefore, it does not involve any disorder in your daily life, nor inflicts any pain. That is, it should not be an excuse nor should this important test be passed. Couples and family are often people who warn that something may be happening and that the patient may suffer from sleep apnea since they are the ones who suffer from snoring and sleeplessness and can realize the seriousness of the matter. You must have an adequate diagnosis for sleep apnea as it will facilitate an adequate and personalized treatment.

The follow-up is also relevant since it is what evaluates if the patient is carrying out the recommendations correctly and allows to study the evolution. The diagnosis also determines the type of device the patient needs and will explain how to use it. Some patients consider that they can live with sleep apnea without treating it, but that is not quality of life since it can end up with serious consequences and diseases. All this can be finished with a simple test and a timely diagnosis.

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