A Fluorometer is a Laboratory instrument that allows the analysis, identification and quantification of chemical substances with molecules capable of fluorescence by the fluorescence spectrophotometry or fluorometry technique.

This equipment is a special optical device capable of measuring the fluorescent quality of biological or mineral samples. Fluorescence is a type of luminescence that occurs in certain substances, which gives them the quality of being able to absorb electromagnetic radiation (light), and emit part of that energy as radiation at a wavelength different from that absorbed.


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Fluorometer YR412-A

A fluorometer measures the fluorescence parameters its intensity and wavelength distribution of the emission spectrum...


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A Fluorometer measures the fluorescence parameters its intensity and wavelength distribution of the emission spectrum after excitation by a certain spectrum of light. Applications include chemistry / biochemistry, medicine, environmental monitoring. That means they are used to measure chlorophyll fluorescence to investigate plant physiology. These are key devices in any biological laboratory, especially for research. That is why we present this high-tech device to you, to turn your laboratory into a reliable company.

Fluorometer instrument

YR412-A is your solution as it is capable of measuring the absorbance of all ingredients (such as DNA, RNA, oligos, etc.) in the sample at 260nm, but keep in mind because that can make the reading inaccurate. . The fluorometer measures the fluorescence intensity of the fluorescent reagent, which combines with the target molecule to read the concentration of the sample. In general, the reading is lower than that of the Nano series products, but it is much more accurate.

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By measuring the intensity, spectrum, lifetime and polarization of fluorescence, we can determine...


Importance of the

The Fluorometer is an analytical device designed to determine the species and the concentration of fluorescent...


Fluorometer for a laboratory: How it works?

This equipment has as functionality measure the absorbance of all the ingredients in the sample at 260nm...


    Fluorometer, How does it work?

A Fluorometer is a specialized optical equipment, used in laboratories to measure the fluorescent property or capacity...


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Discover how a Fluorometer works?
- Kalstein

We can say that a Fluorometer is a special optical device commonly used in laboratory environments...

Fluorometer: What's it for?
- Kalstein

This equipment is an optical device, used in Laboratories to observe and measure the quality of Fluorescence...

Fluorometers: Recommendations and care

A Fluorometer is a Laboratory instrument that enables the analysis, identification and quantification of chemical substances...

The importance of a Fluorometer in the Laboratory

To establish the importance of the equipment that forms part of a laboratory and is indispensable, we need to consider its applications and usefulness within it; in the case of Fluorometers, this device measures the parameters of fluorescence: its intensity and the wavelength distribution of the emission spectrum after excitation by a certain spectrum of light.

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Fluorometer in operation

Spectrofluorometry is the science of analyzing the fluorescence of a sample. This science, applied by a device called a fluorometer, is an instrument that measures and studies the properties of chemical compounds in order to deduce information about the luminescent elements.

In general, properties can be studied in terms of the grouping of different species and/or the chemical environment of the sample, through quantitative and qualitative analysis.

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