Determination of dissolved oxygen levels to ensure the quality of natural juices

Dissolved oxygen monitors are responsible for calculating the amounts of oxygen in substances, mainly using sensors such as electrochemical and optical sensors. These are tests that are carried out inside the laboratory where a thin, penetrable film gas collects the elements of the water sensor. In this sense, oxygen passes and is reduced by creating a current that is measured for oxygen concentration. In addition, the loss of fluorescence is measured, where the luminophore that is bound to the film is supplied with light from a blue LED that in turn transmits the red light and oxygen in the sample extinguishes the exaltation.

Methods for measuring dissolved oxygen levels in fruit

To measure dissolved oxygen levels in fruit and ensure product quality, deaeration processes must be studied to remove dissolved oxygen before pasteurization, as during processing air acts as a thermal resistance, attracting some of the heat and minimizing efficiency. As a result, the chamber pressure is adjusted to the desired temperature that enters the juice and boils at that pressure.

The vapors are then removed but pass through the capacitor, which means that the aromas may have evaporated with oxygen, and fall by gravity and the organoleptic quality is immediately guaranteed. As a result, the higher oxygen concentration is less than the amount of light emitted. And so, to determine oxygen levels, the meter’s sensor is placed in the sample, and after a few minutes, it displays the final results expressed in milligrams for each liter of solution

Importance of dissolved oxygen meters for the final product

With dissolved oxygen measuring devices, it is able to capture significantly the oxygen levels that affect juice quality parameters during storage, as is the case for vitamin C, color and aroma, causing irreversible oxidation in the presence of oxygen.

That is why dissolved oxygen measuring devices are used to obtain a final product of quality and effective determination, thanks to optical sensors equipped with pH where it takes only about 30 seconds without going to maintenance, because if the sensor measures oxygen, and the cover needs to be replaced, the meter will issue a warning indicating that it needs to be changed.

Kalstein brand dissolved oxygen meters

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