Color Evaluation Box

Color Evaluation units are LED lighting units designed to check color consistency and quality. They are also used to visualize quality in textile testing, where there is a need for different sources of radiant energy. In this way, you can assess by comparing color consistency between products, for example, there may be the difference between the light sources used in your manufacture, and the light source applied by the customer. 
In this sense, the safest way to check the right color is through the same light source as the evaluation boxes, where the practice is applied by artificial light type D65 as the standard light source for checking color goods.

Types of Color Evaluation Boxes a Laboratory may need

Color Light Box YR05524 // YR05529

YR05524 // YR05526 color light box can be applied to the industries that need to perform color difference testing as follows...


Color Proof Station Light Box YR05536 // YR05538

Color Controller Color Viewer color light box is widely applies to printing industry, furnishings and color matching of the printing...


Color Light Box YR05520 // YR05523

YR05520 // YR05523 color light box is our updated version, and it can accommodate up to 6 light sources. The consistency...


Hanging Color Light Box YR05533 // YR05535

YR05533 // YR05535 Hanging Color Viewer light box is suitable for all places where color management is required in the printing...


Our best-selling Color Evaluation Box

Light source

In different condition, the object may present different spectrum with same color. Our vision result of the colors will be differently, thereby it will affect us to judge the color accurately by our naked eyes. While according to our customer’s demand, the Color Viewer ,which is the international standard, can provide the right light source you need when you check the colors, such as D65,D50,TL84,UV,U30,CWF etc.. The life-span of lamp depends on the accumulated running time and the turn-on times. When the lamp becomes aging, light instability or the two sides turn black, please replace the lamp timely, otherwise, the checking result will be affected.

Technique Parameter

Light source: imported fluorescent lamp

  • 36W D65 *4
  • 36W D50 *4
  • 36W U30 *4

Analysis of the best Color Evaluation Boxes for your Laboratory

What is the function of a Color Evaluation Box?

The ideal tool for complex color analysis is the use of Color Evaluation Boxes, which determine the spectral...


Why is a Color Evaluation Box important?

The importance of a Color Evaluation Box, to evaluate and display the appearance of products as well...


What is a Color Evaluation Box?

The Color Evaluation Box is a tool suitable for all industries and applications where it is necessary to maintain...


Color Evaluation Boxes as a photographic tool

The Color of a product is usually one of the first aspects that any customer notices, being in many cases...


Guides to becoming a Color Evaluation Box expert

Color Evaluation Box equipment is an essential part of any Laboratory.
to help you work like an expert.

Systems for Color Assessment , Cosmetic Industry

The cosmetics industry is a market that must be constantly evolving to adapt to the standards of beauty..

How is Color Science defined? Color Evaluation Boxes?

The science of Color, from a sensory definition, is the way in which light is reflected on the surfaces of objects...

What are the characteristics of a Color Evaluation Box?

It is important, as the perception of the human eye can be transmitted from millions of colors...

Advantages of Color Evaluation Box for sample processing in the Laboratory

Color Evaluation Boxes are test instruments used to check the consistency of colors, subjecting the sample or product to different lighting conditions. This equipment is mainly used to eliminate the effect of metamerism, that is, the color change that occurs in an object when it is passed by different light sources. The color evaluation box comes equipped with different lamps, to ensure that this effect does not occur and thus ensure better color consistency.

Frequently asked questions about Color Evaluation Boxes

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