How does a natural convection oven work?

A natural convection laboratory oven is one that extracts the air from the environment in which the oven is located. So it transmits heat in a uniform way throughout the equipment creating a natural air circulation.

Types of laboratory ovens

The laboratory ovens or drying oven is equipment used to dry and sterilize glass and metal containers in a laboratory. It is also known as a drying oven. They work between room temperature and 350 ยฐ C. In general, these equipments are made of stainless steel, both inside and outside, this provides them with high durability. In addition, they have a microprocessor that makes sure to maintain a uniform temperature and allows it to be set digitally.

Laboratory ovens, which one to choose?

Among the wide variety of equipment needed to carry out the numerous activities of a laboratory, we can highlight the use of drying and heating ovens or ovens, basic equipment that is often used quite frequently.