Color Evaluation Boxes as a photographic tool

The color of a product is usually one of the first aspects that any customer notices, being in many cases the determining factor in making a purchase. For this reason, it’s essential to pay close attention to the colors of your products, whether they’re clothes, paintings or even photographs. Ensuring that the product is of high quality and free from metamerism is fundamental, metamerism being, the change of color in different lighting. An effective way to ensure this happens is by using color evaluation boxes.

What is a Color Evaluation Box?

The Color Evaluation Box is a tool suitable for all industries and applications where it is necessary to maintain color and quality consistency from different light sources. This way, colors appear differently, to avoid reducing evaluation error, when performing color contrasts, it is therefore necessary to use a color evaluation box, also known as: color set box, color set cabinet, display booth, etc., all these simulating different light sources, to obtain an objective evaluation of color and tone difference at any time, and anywhere.

Why is a Color Evaluation Box important?

The importance of a Color Evaluation Box, to evaluate and display the appearance of products as well as, identify notable inconsistencies between the color of a sample and the standard color, in order to order human visual perception, with numerical color values. Typically, in production environments, early completion of these color assessments helps to minimize duplication of work and future additional costs. For each sensory evaluation, the samples to be assessed should be established, if necessary, prepared and presented in the same way, every time.

What is the function of a Color Evaluation Box?

The ideal tool for complex color analysis is the use of color evaluation boxes, which determine the spectral illumination on each wavelength of any product, its accuracy is much greater and its range of applications is much wider. Similarly, color evaluation boxes are necessary instruments for professionals who support their research into precision product analysis, thanks to the advantages this tool brings, particularly in the laboratory, for precise color management of samples. As a result, these units have functional mechanisms and operating systems that support their functions, with important and specific features.

Advantages of Color Evaluation Box for sample processing in the Laboratory

Color evaluation boxes are test instruments used to check the consistency of colors, subjecting the sample or product to different lighting conditions. This equipment is mainly used to eliminate the effect of metamerism, that is, the color change that occurs in an object when it is passed by different light sources. The color evaluation box comes equipped with different lamps, to ensure that this effect does not occur and thus ensure better color consistency.

What are the characteristics of a color evaluation box?

It is important, as the perception of the human eye can be transmitted from millions of colors, which is interesting, in how each individual perceives it and according to different perceptions, resulting in costly color-related problems for manufacturers and suppliers. Therefore, with the color evaluation box, it allows you to assess the shades of objects, and express them accurately to other people, using a consistent language and standard.