What is a Security Storage Cabinet?

Safety storage cabinets are used to protect users and together, store flammable chemicals in the workplace. All cabinets are used to protect hazardous substances (flammable, corrosive, toxic …) and are protected against fire for 30 minutes (type 30) or 90 minutes (type 90). 

In companies and laboratories, this type of furniture has a great participation, providing protection against any incident, and also avoiding the contamination of the environment, all the time. And by safety levels, it is advisable to categorize its contents by levels of danger, and choose the safety cabinet that best fits with the amount of substance you have to store.

Storage Techniques with Security Cabinets

 Thanks to the use of security storage cabinets, you can check the work area and ensure hygiene, as it is important to have equipment against leaks and spills. Therefore, and thanks to its usefulness, the operator can count on tools that provide reliability in the environment, so certain storage techniques must be used to take advantage of their use, which are:

  • Analyzing the content of the security cabinets, it is important to have this type of furniture, since it can protect each type of substance, such as explosives, flammables, substances, corrosives, among others. 
  • Know the methods of procedures, about the storage of chemical products.
  • Choose between security cabinets, for interior or exterior, taking into account the need that is required.
  • Know the security measures in the installation of the cabinets, following guidelines for installation, ventilation, signage, and lighting. 
  • Protect the products with fireproof cabinets.
  • Reduce the risk when storing hazardous substances.

Therefore, it is reduced in calculating the minimum necessary to guarantee the existence of stored products without exceeding it, since it can put workers and the workplace at risk in the event of a possible accident.

In addition, it is important to have environmentally responsible equipment, which protects it from flammable products and substances, and safety storage cabinets comply with all this. 

Tips for Storing Substances inside Safety Cabinets

 The security storage cabinets are ideal for preserving and protecting chemical products, with secure compartments, in order to provide protection against risk factors, they are also provided with security locks.

The key to maintaining total safety with the implementation of the cabinets is based on keeping the products isolated from the rest, with identification by all the people who work in the area, separating the incompatible substances, to show the different types of substances, organize them by types and identify those that are incompatible, to keep them away. 

In addition, they must be kept in suitable containers, in places protected from the sun, low temperatures or inclement weather, to prevent them from deforming. In case of hazardous chemicals, the container must be approved. Large quantities of flammable substances should not be stored in laboratories, workshops or printing presses, due to their high danger.

In short, safety in the workplace must be equipped with a safety storage cabinet, providing facilities for handling and storing hazardous substances. 

Explosion Proof Cabinets Kalstein brand

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