Software Allows Creates Taste 50,000 Enzymes A Day

Enzymes are proteins that are responsible for accelerating all chemical processes of organisms or living structures. Their process is complete and absolutely catalyst because each and every one of the reactions to be conducted and processed in a living being needs their presence, it is why everything turns or get a new look thanks to its inevitable presence. However, its development is fragile, enzymes require certain basic conditions such as temperature to live and function properly reason, the human body does not stand above would 41-42º fevers because of denaturation of all enzymes.

The study of enzymes, how they work and how fast they do within each chemical process has been extensively studied by laboratories around the world, under processes involving hundreds of hours to understand and determine the reactions to investigate. However, a new software could simplify many hours of work and research in minutes through computerizing them.

Zymvol Biomodelin company specializing in manufacturing and protein products has managed to digitize through simulation designs enzymes. This invention was carried out under the expertise of three Spanish researchers from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, composed by Fatima Lucas, Emanuele Monza and Victor Gil, who since 2016 decided to create their own company specializing in this area.

During an interview with local media in Spain, Fatima stated: “Imagine an enzyme could see with the naked eye. That’s what we do through simulation; see the three-dimensional structure of a protein in computer and how it interacts with small molecules, which are the substrate.” This translates and simplifies industry in creating new and improved enzymes.

For now, only the pharmacological industry has used computerizing enzymes in order to find therapeutic molecules that achieve the development of new drugs. But the real goal of this innovative idea is to penetrate industrial chemical reactors, where living conditions are not ripe for enzymes.

The new software allows you to see in one day about 50,000 proteins, which would be days before restlessly and high monetary investment. For now, this technology is not used in the United States, which puts laboratories and research centers of European scientists one step ahead of the American continent, even if it is already working on a new version of the software. Visit our website HERE