Anesthesia machine: Different types

Anesthesia machines are specialized medical equipment used to administer an anesthetic agent to a patient during a surgical process. This gas, or anesthetic agent, promotes inhibition of skeletal muscle function. This equipment is a mixture of electrical, mechanical and pneumatic components, and incorporates all the components needed to perform general anesthesia, including vaporizers, ventilators, a respiratory system, monitors and scanning systems.

This medical equipment provides safe, adequate, programmed and continuous or intermittent administration of oxygen, medicinal gases and anesthetic agents, and enables spontaneous or controlled patient ventilation.

They are a vital part of the surgical process, creating optimal, safe conditions for the surgeon’s work. Modern anesthesia machines can control a number of vital functions and even calculate specific dose ranges.

Anesthesia machines receive medicinal gases and precisely distribute the flow and pressure of each gas according to the patient’s needs; these adjustments are usually inserted manually. They must be operated by highly qualified personnel trained in their use, who must also periodically check their calibration and operation.

Types of anesthesia machine

When choosing an anesthesia machine for your facility, you need to bear in mind that it offers the possibility of monitoring the patient’s condition to ensure full functionality for anesthetists and other healthcare professionals involved in the surgical procedure. The most common models include :

  • Continuous flow: These are the most widely used. They are designed to provide a precise supply of medicinal gases (oxygen, nitrous oxide and air) mixed with a precise concentration of anesthetic vapor, continuously and safely delivering this gas mixture to the patient. They can be used for general anaesthesia of patients during medical interventions in operating theatres, delivery rooms, diagnostic rooms or ambulatory surgery.
  • Intermittent flow: This type of anesthesia machine delivers a flow of gases on demand, when activated by the patient’s own inspiration.

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