Food Freezer Dryer Features


The Food Freezer Dryer is a quiet, low-consumption device that allows food to dry while preserving its flavor easily and easily. We are talking about a team with a controlled temperature system ideal for drying forest fruits, vegetables, meats and fish. They are spacious and contain anti-spills to separate meals. 

The operation of the Freezer Dryer is similar to a freeze drier, where the motor connected to a power grid lowers the temperature selected by the user according to the food to be dried. Then, by its cold air mechanisms, it is spread to reach food placed in each of the trays. These processes achieve the desired moisture to be evaporated and dry food.

At Kalstein we have the best drying machine, thanks to the fact that internally they are spacious and the trays are removable for easy washing. It also offers power and features an intuitive tactical control panel. It can also be used as a food dehydrator for cookies.


The food drying are processes that have been carried out for several periods in order to optimize the quality of food and allow the preservation of them for a longer time possible.

The food dryers in Kalstein achieve high recognition for their high reliability and have important features, such as: 

  • – They have horizontal airflow.
  • – They have automatic digital timers so that the user does not have to be aware of food.
  • – The thermostat is adjustable allowing temperature control.
  • – The door is transparent glass.
  • – It’s stainless steel.
  • – Its power is 250 W.
  • – It has a fan, ideal to expand cold air and arrive evenly.
  • – Accessories, such as forceps and food trays. 

Foods can be easily stored because they do not require refrigeration. By removing them from water, it prevents them from rotting at room temperature. The nutritional value of foods is greater than their natural state, making them ideal for activities, excursions, or when strict eating needs to be done. 

Drying Methods

Drying is one of the most used techniques to conserve food and reduce moisture content in food products, in addition to preventing the development of microorganisms that are caused by decomposition. Because food can be dried, it allows it to be stored at room temperature for a long time, and also reduces size and weight, which positively influences storage and transport costs.

According to this, it is met by drying and dehydration methods:

  • – Sublimation: occurs when the temperature pressure passes on the surface of the solid and the temperature is increased to the point of absorption. If the sample being dried is sensitive to cold, temperature is graded by lowering pressure to vacuum, and if it exceeds reduction, humidity is frozen and directly sublimed.
  • – Vaporization: The vapor pressure of cold water in the sample is less than the atmospheric influence. Drying is carried out by safety where cold air passes over the product.

For both methods, cold can be provided to the sample by convection. The processes are carried out continuously, if the material is added to the Freezer Dryer without interruption, successfully obtaining dry products.

Kalstein brand Food Freezer Dryer

At Kalstein, we offer you the best laboratory equipment with the most advanced technology on the market, for the satisfaction of our users and to meet your multiple requirements. In this case, we bring you the Freezer Dryer for those artisanal customers, farmers, restorers and entrepreneurs who want to manufacture their own raw materials and package food to avoid exposing them to microorganism danger. They are comfortable units, made with anti-corrosive materials. Among other features you can see from our catalog HERE We have the best advice, so that your purchase is ideal and at excellent prices. Do not hesitate to choose us because we are professional manufacturers and our priority is your health.


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