This equipment is particularly used in Laboratories to sterilize materials stable to heat, humidity and pressure; using a steam-water pressure method, this being the most efficient and fastest; allows micro-organisms to be killed.
Such as viruses, dangerous bacteria, etherization uses the coagulation method to kill these micro-organisms, there are materials that require a specific autoclave, based on the conditions of the sample, according to European standard EN 13060 of 2004, there are three basic classes of sterilization.

Types of Autoclaves a Laboratory may need

Horizontal Autoclaves

The Horizontal Autoclaves we have in our catalog are a smart investment for hospitals and laboratories, where a high volume of sterilization is required.

Our range of horizontal autoclaves is ideal for academic establishments, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, biotech industries and research centers. These units efficiently meet the stringent sterilization requirements of your needs.

Vertical Autoclave

These Vertical Autoclaves make the process easier, safer, more accurate, more reproducible and easier to validate.

The compact, space-saving design of the vertical autoclave makes them ideal for laboratories with small footprints, where space is a scarce commodity, and the greater height of the camera (up to 50% more capacity) means they can handle most standard media bottles.


At Kalstein, you'll find the ideal Autoclave for your Laboratory

There are a multitude of models to choose from, so it's only natural that you're unsure which Autoclave
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Tabletop Autoclave Class B YR03387 // YR03390 

Fully automatic tabletop autoclave, triple fractionated pre-vacuum, works with a precision method controlling...


Class B Benchtop Autoclave YR03385B-YR03385C 

8 liter, 12 liter, 18 liter and 23 liter tabletop autoclaves with class B pre-vacuum, complies with the European standard EN13060...


Class N Table-top Autoclave YR03391 // YR03394

They are automatic “Class N” autoclaves. An independent steam generator was built-in, worked by dynamic pulsed...


Class N Benchtop Autoclave YR03395 // YR03400

It is a “Class N” semi-automatic autoclave that works without a steam generator. It has a pressure safety lock that can prevent...


Our best-selling Autoclave

Analysis of the best Autoclaves for your Laboratory

Prevention of biological agents with the use of gas autoclaves

Wood is a natural material that has been used for thousands of years to build structures and objects of all kinds...


Use of Gas Autoclave for Cosmetology

An Autoclave is a type of sterilizing equipment that uses high pressure and steam to sanitize tools, equipment and...


Sterilization of gynecological instruments with autoclaves

Sterilization of gynecological instruments is a very important process to prevent the spread of diseases and ensure...


Horizontal Autoclaves vs. Vertical

Laboratory sterilization has its own requirements. The choice of the right autoclave depends on different factors...


Catalog of Autoclave models on offer


Guides to becoming an Autoclave expert

Autoclaves are indispensable products in the Laboratory environment.
to help you work like an expert.

The Autoclave, effectivity and low cost
- Kalstein

An autoclave is a thick-walled metal container with airtight seal that allows working with steam at high pressure...

Why is the use of the Gas Autoclave important in the Food sector?

The food industry is regulated by a series of laws and standards that guarantee the quality and safety of food

Applications of Autoclaves N, S and B
- Kalstein

An Autoclave is a piece of equipment that uses a combination of high pressure and steam in order to transfer...

The steam Autoclave

Steam sterilization is the preferred method of sterilization and works by denaturing proteins. Steam autoclave is an equipment designed to use high pressure and temperature steam to kill microorganisms. Sterilization involves the complete destruction of all microorganisms, including resistant bacteria, bacterial spores, protozoa, prions, viruses and fungi present in liquids, surfaces of materials, drugs or culture media

Video of our Autoclave in funcionament

In this section, you'll find our Autoclave in operation, packed, receiving service, etc.

Autoclave in operation

YR05643 // The YR05646-1 series horizontal pressure steam autoclave is the equipment that disinfects and sterilizes objects with saturated steam, its structure is horizontal and the heating path is electric.

It consists of a sterilization chamber, housing, jacket, door, steam generator, vacuum system, cooling system, piping system, control system, display system and power supply system.

Frequently asked questions about Autoclaves

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