Qu’est-ce qu’une équipe multiparamètre?

A multiparameter equipment is a device that allows measuring various variables in the water simultaneously, from a single sample, between said variables we can mention: pH, ORP, ion concentration, conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), salinity, Resistivity and dissolved oxygen. This equipment is very useful for laboratory processes and suitable environments for analysis, for the monitoring of water quality in rivers, lakes, swimming pools, water treatment plants and effluent treatment.

What parameters determines a multiparater equipment?

Among the variables that determine this equipment, we can mention:

  • Redox potential (ORP): Measures the oxidation potential or reduction that water has. This is represented with the MV measurement unit. Positive values in MV mean that electrons present in water promote oxidation, a process by which viruses, bacteria, molds and microbes are destroyed, which are found in water. For example, with a redox potential at +900 mV, with a neutral pH, all the microorganisms present in the water are eliminated.
  • Concentration of ions: such as calcium and magnesium that determine the hardness of water, the higher its proportion, the harder the water will be.
  • Total solids (TDS): are the sum of all solids dissolved and suspended in water, and provides an indication of chemical quality water. It is analytically defined as a total filtable residue (mg / L). The term solid in suspension, emphasizes particulate organic and inorganic matter existing in water. The presence of suspension solids participates in the development of the turbidity and color of water, while dissolved solids determine the salinity of the medium, and consequently conductivity thereof.
  • Turbidity: Measures the amount of particles suspended in the water. Its unit of measurement is NTU (nephelometric turbidity unit) or you (Jackson).
  • Conductivity: Measures the electric current driving capacity that water has, and allows to know the concentration of ionic species present in the water. This is measured in microsiemens (μs) or in Siemens per meter (S / M).
  • PH: Indicates the concentration of H + present in the water. This indicator is expressed on a scale of 0 to 14, wherein 7 is equivalent to a water with neutral pH. From 0 to 7 indicates that water is acidic and from 7 to 14 that water is alkaline.
  • Dissolved oxygen: very relevant gas in water dynamics, its solubility is a function of several factors such as: temperature, pressure, coefficient of solubility, gas vapor tension, salinity and water-chemical composition, following the laws of Henry and Dalton. In addition, the percentage of saturation in O2 of a water depends on the turbulence, from the contact surface between gas and water and finally, of its salinity, especially its CI content.
  • Resistivity: It is the specific electrical resistance of a certain water.

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