Pathological Anatomy

A Pathology Laboratory is a medical service responsible for the processing of biopsy and cytology samples by professionals specialised in the field, for subsequent microscopic examination, interpretation and diagnosis by a pathologist. In other words, this specialised laboratory is mainly responsible for studying isolated tissue or cell samples (biopsies and cytologies), both large and small. Generate reports and records of great clinical importance, which help other health professionals to prescribe treatments, whether medical or surgical.

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Microtomes Series

Pathological Anatomy is a science that studies the pathophysiological and morphological alterations of a disease. That is, it studies the disease at an organic, tissue, cellular and molecular level. It uses highly specialised equipment, including the microtome and the cryostat. A Microtome is a piece of Laboratory equipment that makes it possible to obtain thin sections of tissue with a micrometric thickness that can be used later for microscopic study. This equipment is supplied with steel, glass or diamond blades, depending on the type of sample to be cut and the thickness in which the tissue sections are required.

Paraffin Dispenser

Every histology laboratory must have paraffin wax to perform the cutting process so that the laboratory operator can view the samples through a microscope. It is common to have a paraffin dispenser in this type of laboratory, due to the importance of this consumable. Tissue processing is one of the most delicate techniques in any type of laboratory. You need to know a lot of details and the process must be very precise.
  • Uses the full control of the automated control and the intelligent digital temperature
  • Uses new type of heating elements that allow for fast, energy efficient and reliable operation
  • Temperature sensors are made in the USA, accurate and reliable
  • Automatically records the latest operation parameters

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Paraffin trimmer โ€“ YR458

Paraffin is a very important consumable in any histology laboratory. This item has become the essential lab supply when it comes...

Paraffin dispenser โ€“ YR459

Any histology laboratory should have paraffin wax to carry out the sectioning process so that the laboratory operator can...

Water Bath YR449

High-quality water bath with keyboard control, microcomputer automatic memory and digital tube display...

Biological Tissue Freezer

Use imported original compressors and use environmentally friendly fluorine-free refrigerants. Low noise and superior...

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Achieve better performances with the Cryostat for Pathology!

The Cryostat is a Pathology Analysis device, created by a leading company in the field; this tool is used to make a fast and accurate reading of pathology exams. Over time, it has become a key step for the study of various types of pathologies; therefore, we will discuss how to achieve better performance results with the Cryostat for Pathology.

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Microtome in operation

At present, anatomical pathology laboratories use instruments and equipment that are used to help in the diagnosis of many diseases, including cancer. Some of the most commonly used equipment in this science are: microtomes, microscopes, tissue processors, tissue water baths, cryostats, cooling plates, paraffin cutters and dispensers, slide dryers, tissue embedding systems, automatic staining systems for slides, among others.

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