Color evaluation boxes as a photographic tool


The color of a product is commonly one of the first aspects that any customer notices, being in many cases the determining factor to make a purchase. For this reason, it is vital to pay close attention to the colors of your products, be they clothes, paintings or even photographs. Ensuring that the product is of high quality and free of metamerism is essential, being metamerism, color change to different illuminations. An effective way to make sure this happens is through the use of color evaluation boxes.

Color evaluation boxes can be used in different industries, from laboratories or automotive industries, to photography, to ensure that colors are of high quality. In the field of photography they are especially useful since it is extremely important that there is no color change in the pieces with respect to the different light sources to which the photographs are exposed.

A color evaluation cabinet measures the variation that exists in the color of a product when exposed to different lights. So, it must be equipped with a correct system of lamps for visual analysis of plastics, fabrics, paintings or photos. By checking the colors under various light sources and obtaining that there is no variation, you can say that the product is of high quality.

Color evaluation boxes

A color evaluation box is a particularly useful tool that allows visual color evaluation under different controlled light conditions, without interference by external light. This equipment ensures that the evaluation and visualization of the color in the product is carried out in a consistent and effective way, without the natural or artificial light of the enclosure interfering. The operation of these equipment is based on the following aspects:

  • The equipment has a large viewing area.
  • It is equipped with several lamps of different lights in order to detect metamerism.
  • The sample must pass through the different light sources to check that there is no difference.
  • Different light sources should include daylight, white light, tungsten filament, fluorescent triphosphorus light and black ultraviolet light.
  • This whole process helps to measure the color of the sample being evaluated.

Color evaluation boxes in photography

Color evaluation boxes are used in many industries in order to make a visual evaluation of the colors of a product. This equipment is perfect in all areas where it is necessary to maintain color quality and reliability. Color evaluation cabinets allow the user to view the sample under different light sources, e.g. artificial light, filament light and even ultraviolet light. One of the fields where these equipment is used is in photography.

The colors of the photographic samples are a very important aspect that define their quality and their beauty, so, changes of hue by the effect of light, that is, the effect of metamerism, would detract from the beauty of the photographs. It is therefore important to evaluate the parts in these equipment, since with them you can evaluate the color to different light sources and choose the most accepted and accurate option to expose. In the rooms where the photographs are exposed there are usually different light sources around and that the piece looks different depending on the tone of light is not acceptable, here lies the importance of color evaluation boxes.

Kalstein Brand Color Evaluation Boxes

At Kalstein we have a wide range of color evaluation boxes, being these high quality equipment and equipped with high technology, since we are the MANUFACTURERS of them, as well as a large number of medical and laboratory equipment. Our YR model evaluation box has the following advantages:

  • LILO color light box reproduces color more accurately.
  • Has 6 different light sources (D65, TL84, CWF, TL83/U30, F, UV), which can detect metamerism.
  • Elapsed time meter to track optimal lamp replacement.
  • Automatic switching between light sources

We assure you that the PRICES of our evaluation boxes are the most competitive on the market and also, at the time of making your PURCHASE you will be able to clarify all your doubts with our team of experts. For our catalog of color evaluation boxes visit HERE.

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