Facial biostimulation with platelet-rich plasma

Aging is inevitable, it is a natural process that is part of the evolution of the human being, which progresses with the passage of time and culminates with death. The application of autologous platelet bio-stimulation and its evolution in the cosmetic field is very recent. The scientific community managed to identify that with the application of minimal amounts of the blood plasma on the skin, rejuvenating effects are achieved in it. This restorative treatment aims to restore normal metabolism and skin functions, impaired by the passage of time, through the biological activation of skin cells (biostimulation).

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

is an autologous preparation (extracted from the patient’s own blood) of platelets in concentrated plasma. The process is carried out by means of blood extraction, centrifugation and extraction of the platelet-rich plasma to subsequently perform the infiltration at the facial level.

The use of PRP is a technique that began to develop in the 60s and whose purpose is to seek the balance of the body to prevent the appearance of some signs of aging. Since 1990 it has been known that the regeneration of soft tissues, wounds and bones depends on the action of different blood components (fibrin, fibronectin, growth factors among others) and that their presence in high concentrations can alter or accelerate this process.

The use of platelet concentrates to accelerate the healing process was first described in 1997. Platelets contain large amounts of growth factors that have a transcendental role in the healing process, such as platelet-derived growth factor. AB (PDGF-AB), transforming growth factor beta (TGF-b) and vascular growth factor (VEGF) among others that are capable of stimulating cell proliferation, chemotaxis, remodeling of the extracellular matrix and angiogenesis .

What is PRP?

It is defined as the portion of the plasma fraction of autologous blood that has a platelet concentration higher than the baseline value. It not only has platelets, but also consists of: plasma, leukocytes, growth factors, secretion proteins and all the components of the coagulation cascade.

The PRP is one of the most modern techniques of cellular bioregeneration that uses the properties of platelets, a substance known as growth factor (FC) that is a biological mediator through which a series of effects at the cellular level are produced (cells mother) favoring cell turnover and regeneration. This is a fundamental advance, especially in those patients in whom cellular aging is accentuated and cell turnover slowed down.

What is biostimulation with platelet-rich plasma?

Since one of the most important manifestations of skin aging is the appearance of wrinkles, the application by mesotherapy of growth factors alone or in combination with other drugs will allow us to provide active ingredients that activate skin cell regeneration, especially keratinocytes of the skin. The basal layer and fibroblasts, and stimulate the production of glycosaminoglycans, collagen and elastic fibers necessary to replace the altered structures.

It is a simple ambulatory technique, based on the intradermal application of PRP to naturally activate the functions of the fibroblast, the cell responsible for determining the structure and quality of the skin.

The intradermal administration of platelet-rich plasma has been manifested as a stimulus for the production of type I collagen by the fibroblastic cell. The intradermal injection of growth factors produces remarkable clinical changes on aging skin, as it restores skin vitality, increases skin thickness, recovers elastic consistency, improves vascular inflow, stimulates secretions, and improves the smoothness and appearance of the skin. the skin. The growth factors regulate the remodeling of the epidermis and the dermis, and have a great influence on the appearance and texture of the skin.

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