Turnkey Projects

At Kalstein we know that creating a professional laboratory that meet the wanted efficiency standards requires many details and a correct build-up, that is why we put on your hands our Project Team which is formed by experts that have built laboratories in multiple countries guarantying your company’s success.

Among the services we offer you as a complete package, we have the following:

  • Design, manufacturing and installation of customized furniture according to the clients request and needs in the following areas: sterilization, contaminated or decontaminated, centrifugation, diagnosis, sample testing, analysis and all the other related to laboratories.
  • Consulting, design, installation, start up and personnel training in all of the client’s requested equipment in the laboratory areas mentioned above.

If you are looking for the best solution to create a complete professional laboratory contact us now by filling out the attached application form and our specialized personnel will gladly contact you to analyze your case and give you our proposal.