At Kalstein, we take care of our client’s full satisfaction, which is why we provide you value-added services that will let you get the most out of your purchased products.

Among our additional services to our clients (under previous request), you may find:
  • Transportation: We deliver the products to their final destination.
  • Installation: Our specialized personnel can install the equipment in your laboratory.
  • Consulting: We provide expert’s consulting with recommendations based on the experience and knowledge of Kalstein’s team, for the purchase of some products according to the area that must be previously evaluated by Kalstein’s team.
  • Warranty: We offer the necessary support to any problem the equipment may have during the warranty period against manufacturing failures. This does not include electrical parts.
  • Post-sale repairs: This includes an equipment problem diagnosis and the repairing by Kalstein’s team (only for Kalstein equipment).
  • Used Equipment: We take your used Kalstein equipment and with a financial plan we give you a new one, plus the possibility to sell the used equipment, which will be restored and then sold as refurbished products with a more affordable price.
  • Rental of Laboratory Equipment: Do you choose to rent your lab equipment instead of owning it? You will use the most modern equipment while saving considerably on the costs involved. In this way the rental of laboratory equipment is a very attractive option for any laboratory.
If you are interested in these value-added services, contact our phones or fill out the contact form and our customer support team will be happy to help you.