As a way to reward our client’s loyalty we have created « Kalstein Club« , a value-added program to your satisfaction through a group of benefits that you may receive when you start your membership and you get you loyalty card.
By being a Kalstein affiliate you will automatically participate and accumulate points that you will be able to exchange for the benefits we are providing you. Among these benefits you can find:
  • Future purchases discounts coupons.
  • Raffles to participate in:
  1. Special technology valuable gifts
  2. Vacation trips
  3. Travel packages to go to scientific, investigation or health congresses including your flight, hotel and event tickets.
If you want to get these benefits, the only thing you have to do is to sign up in our Kalstein Club by filling out the attached form, and we will be informing you about our promos, raffles and other surprises we have for you. Join our friend’s club at Kalstein Laboratory Equipment and take advantage of our community interaction.

Kalstein Club Registration:

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