In Kalstein France, we are a company with large experience in manufacturing and exporting high quality laboratory equipment, having honesty, responsibility and communication as the foundation in the development of each of our products. Today, we have strengthen ourselves as a leader company in the laboratory equipment field with a close relation with each of our clients, whom we thank their constant support.

Professionals and technicians with a wide experience in diverse fields support this company. We count with professionals in the scientific, medical and industrial fields. This team has worked in the last years in the development and consulting of research, diagnosis and quality control of laboratories worldwide. At Kalstein France, we have as a premise the innovation, creation and investigation about new technologies in our production lines, so that every one of our clients count with the highest quality and durability products.

Kalstein France is known as a leader company in community services and social work, besides sponsoring courses, events and participation in national and international congresses that provide training to different users in a direct way according to their needs.

In order to guarantee our customer’s satisfaction, we have a wide range of Spare Parts and Services, directed to our distributors and as specialized and customized tech support. Kalstein France provides a 1-year warranty to each of our products in our plant’s facility, this warranty is generated through our Production and Development Management, making sure that you get the original spare parts in our lines of products. We have reached major step forwards with an important transformation on a metallurgical level with all of our stainless steel products manufacturing, offering a wide range of equipment for the laboratory field with the highest quality controls.

Our history

Kalstein was created by the year 1994. The creation of this company came up due to the technological needs at that time for laboratory equipment manufacturing. These products meet the requirements to satisfy a lab’s needs to the sterility control in each one of the working fields (pharmacy, cosmetology, bioanalysis, agronomy, veterinary, microbiology, odontology, genetics, nursing, medicine, among others).

In the Company, we count with metallurgic machinery as turnery, milting cutter, special welds (argon), plasma cuts and electrolytic baths to electro polishing, to make the manufacturing, finishing and quality control of our products.  The first catalog was published in the year 2001 when our manufacturing beginnings started building fiberglass equipment. By year 2004 with the third edition, we step up to 304 stainless steel products and its parts meeting high quality products with strictest sterility rules.