Moisture Analyzer

During the practice of moisture analyzers, it is of great importance, the functions according to the efficiency of heating samples for drying processes, together with the maintenance of the equipment for its effectiveness in each of its systems.

In the development to extend the life of the equipment, but also to optimize the safety of the measurement and avoid gas leaks, it is recommended to implement the recommendations to avoid failures in the studies, and errors in physical functionality with incorrect handling.

Types of Moisture Analyzers that a Laboratory may require

Halogen Moisture Analyzer YR05558 // YR05561

  • 7 inch touch screen
  • Automatic door/Transparent window
  • Highlight halogen lamp...

Halogen Moisture Analyzer YR05557

  • 5 inch touch screen/CH and EN switch
  • Highlight halogen lamp/HBM sensor
  • Aluminum shell/Stainless steel chamber...

Infrared Moisture Analyzer YR05556

  • Infrared lamp/HBM sensor
  • Aluminum shell/Stainless steel chamber
  • High definition LCD...

Halogen Moisture Analyzer YR05552 // YR05555

  • Halogen lamp/HBM sensor
  • Aluminum shell/Stainless steel chamber
  • LCD(White back light with black font...

Our best selling Moisture Analyzer

  • 5 inch touch screen/CH and EN switch
  • Highlight halogen lamp/HBM sensor
  • Aluminum shell/Stainless steel chamber
  • Real-time dynamic curve/Date and Tim
  • Temperature/Time set
  • The percentage of moisture content/dry residual
  • Store historical set
  • Option: Aluminum box/Printer/Grinder

Analysis of the best Moisture Analyzers for your Lab

What is a Moisture Analyzer?

The moisture analyzer is a device used to calculate the moisture content of virtually any substance. It performs, by analyzing the weight of the sample, heating it by means...


Moisture Measurement: Equipment for Pharmaceutical Industry

The control of moisture is one of the fundamental requirements in the...


Moisture Analysers: Efficient Applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Humidity is one of the main factors affecting dosage and product quality...


Moisture Analyzers for the Production of Moisture for Laboratories

Laboratories around the world rely on humidity meters to obtain reliable results for...


Moisture Analyzer models catalog on offer


Guides for you to become a Moisture Analyzer Expert

Moisture Analyzers are indispensable products in a laboratory, we provide you with guides and recommendations for a better use, so that you can work as an expert..

Why is a Moisture Analyzer important in a Laboratory?

A moisture analyzer is a measuring device that establishes the moisture compensation of a sample. It works with the dry matter method...

What are the types of moisture analyzers that exist?

The moisture analyzers work to calculate the moisture content of the matter, have halogen and infrared heating technologies, being...

Importance of Moisture Analyzers in the Tobacco Industry

A moisture analyzer is a measuring instrument used to measure the moisture of a material sample. The device is based on the emission of...

What is the function of a Moisture Analyzer?

The moisture analyzer basically works through integral devices, through special modules that calculate the weighing and heating, where the operator accurately determines the mass of any sample...

Frequently Asked Questions about Moisture Analysers from our customers

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