Freeze Dryer: What is it? What is it for?

A lyophilizer is an equipment that allows to carry out lyophilization, that is, it is an instrument that serves to remove moisture from a product by drying it cold, thus obtaining a dehydrated product that can be rehydrated again when needed, recovering completely its properties at the time of use.

Lyophilization can be defined as a drying or dehydration process that is carried out by progressive sublimation of the solvent or water present in a sample. This process is characterized by using low temperatures, which prevents some volatile elements from being lost, otherwise it occurs in conventional drying processes. In progressive sublimation, the direct passage from ice (solid) to gas (vapor) is achieved without going through its liquid phase.

When do you need a freeze dryer?

A lyophilizer is a piece of equipment fundamentally in the pharmaceutical and food industry, it is an extremely necessary piece of equipment when you want to preserve products, because it allows you to remove moisture through cold drying. The material to be lyophilized is introduced into the equipment, where there are very low temperatures, normally less than – 40 ° C. With a vacuum pump, the pressure in the equipment is reduced. Having reduced the temperature the water or organic solvent freezes. Later, when the pressure is lowered, the water that is in the solid state turns into steam in the process known as sublimation.

How does a freeze dryer work?

First, the material to be lyophilized is frozen at sub-zero temperatures, in order to maintain its molecular structure. The frozen material is inserted into the lyophilizer, where there is a vacuum pressure, due to the action of a vacuum pump which allows it to function properly. This pump allows 95% of the water present in the sample to sublime, and in this way, the product is dried without the need to use temperatures above room temperature.

The heat contained in the lyophilizer provides the necessary energy to the water to turn into a gaseous state, accelerating the process. And the gas that remains loose is condensed at low temperatures, returning to a solid state again.

What are the advantages of lyophilization?

  • You get products that can be regenerated very quickly, just by rehydrating them.
  • The shape and characteristics of the final product are essentially the original ones, that is, the physical, chemical, biological and organoleptic properties are maintained.
  • It is an ideal process for drying thermolabile substances.
  • Oxidizable constituents are protected.
  • The final moisture content is very low.
  • Freeze-dried products can be stored for long periods of time.

Applications of a freeze dryer

  • In the pharmaceutical industry. They are used to preserve drugs and vaccines.
  • In the food industry to preserve food without altering its nutritional value.
  • It is an equipment that offers many advantages, which is why it is widely used in many sectors.

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