Vital Signs Monitor YR02164

Manufacturer : Kalstein

Manufacturer : Kalstein

Product Description

The Vital Signs Monitor is the affordable patient monitor designed for accurate and simple vital sign assessment or continuous monitoring.

  • Our vital signs monitor can measure the parameters of SpO2, NIBP, pulse, temperature, etc.
  • It has an LCD screen for ECG and respiration waveforms.
  • The vital signs monitor comes with a large LED color screen which allows clear viewing for users.
  • Nellcor SpO2 technology is optional.
  • Alarm limits are adjustable.
  • The vital signs monitor offers a nurse call function.
  • It can store up to 12000 groups of NIBP data.
  • Network capability with central monitoring system are available.
Model YR02164
Technology Oscillometric Method
cuff inflation time ≤10 seconds (standard adult cuff)
Air release time during measurement <90 seconds on average
Air release time while measurement is canceled <2 seconds (Typical adult cuff)
Initial cuff inflation pressure adult fashion <180mmHg
child mode <120mmHg
Newborn Fashion <90mmHg
Overpressure protection 


Adult 300mmHg
Little boy 140mmHg
Typical measurement range systolic 


Adult 50 ~ 265mmHg
Little boy 25 ~ 135mmHg


Adult 15 ~ 220mmHg
Little boy 12~110mmHg
MAP Adult 25 ~ 245mmHg
Little boy 18 ~ 120mmHg
Measurement accuracy systolic ±8mmHg
diastolic ±8mmHg
MAP ±8mmHg
Measurement mode manual, automatic
The cycle interval in the automatic mode tolerance 1~240Min
< 10s
SpO2 monitoring
Sensor dual wavelength LEDs
SpO2 measurement range 35% ~ 100%
SpO2 Measurement Accuracy 


75% ~ 100%, ±2%
35% ± 74%, ± 3%
Low perfusion performance 0.4%
Pulse rate measurement range 30bpm ~ 250bpm
Accuracy of pulse rate measurement ± 2 bpm or 2%, whichever is greater
ECG monitoring (optional)
23Heart rate measurement ±0.5mVp ~ ±3mVp
Heart rate measurement range 20bpm ~ 250bpm
Heart rate measurement accuracy ±2% or ±2bmp, whichever is greater
Heart rate alarm delay time ≤12s
sensitive switch x½, x1, x2
Tolerance ≤5%
typical sensitivity 10mm/mV
sweep speed 25mm/s
Tolerance ≤10%
ECG noise level ≤30μ VP-P
ECG input circuit current ≤0.1μA
input impedance ≥5M
constant time ≥0.3s
Frequent response 1Hz ~ 26Hz
TEMP monitoring (optional)
TEMP monitoring range 25.0°C ~ 45.0°C
TEMP Monitoring Accuracy ±0.2°C
TEMP response time ≤150
recording speed 25mm/s
Recording speed accuracy ≤ 5%
power specification
AC power supply voltage 100 ~ 250VAC
AC power frequency 50/60Hz
Fuse Specification T3. 15AL / 250V Φ5 x 20mm
internal power supply 12V DC (rechargeable)
battery specification 12V 2.3 AH (Sealed Lead Acid Battery)

Additional Information

Weight 78 kg
Dimensions 360 × 320 × 410 cm

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