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Cube Ice Maker (Split Body)

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR03728


Cube Ice Maker (Split Body)

Ice cube machines are highly efficient, energy saving, safe and environmentally friendly and are quickly becoming the most popular choice for clients around the world.Product.

Product Features:

  • Stainless steel outer case contribute to sturdy and durable features, which is easy to clean.
  • Automatic water drainage system helps improve ice more transparent.
  • Refrigeration configuration (compressor, condenser, evaporator) is larger than similar models in the market, this making more 10% the quantity of ice production.
  • Refrigeration system in the operation process will automatically return to work after recovery when suddenly cutting off the power system of water resources, which make operation more simple and convenient.
  • Ice bin adopting food-grade PE rational molding of the polyurethane foam keeps high thermal insulation.

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