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Storage boxes for slide microscope

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR1293


Please see in the table below the technical parameters for the available models.



Keeping everything organized; clean and secure is the key to run a reliable laboratory. One of the most used devices in that area is the microscope. This is a crucial factor to ha reliable results when it comes to running tests. The slides you use to look at the samples have to be stored in a very safe place, so that they can stay away from humidity and more importantly, so that they do not break. Humidity can significantly affect the slides to look with the microscope. On the other hand, those slides need to be in a place where they do not receive any hits, and they need to be located where nothing breaks them.

Having a special place for your laboratory slides will improve your work performance and will make a smoother workflow for you and your lab employees. It is a very important thing to have everything secure and in order, especially when dealing with microscope slides.

These are polypropylene storage boxes, a common thermoplastic polymer resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids. This material is a good choice to maintain and withstand those types of liquids. In this case, the type of polypropylene used for this storage boxes for slide microscope is opaque and break-resistant. These features make these slides a great option, because of its resistance, toughness, and specially heat resistance. On the other hand, these models are ideal for storing slides during a long period.

You must have the right storage boxes for your microscope slides. It is fundamental that you purchase the box that keep your slides away from dust or any contaminating elements. These boxes are very handy, convenient and economical. You will thanks us for these features in the long term, given the fact that this is a very important lab ware for your every day routine. These slide storage boxes have a tight seal that keeps the slides away from dust and moisture, because you do not want to have hazy-looking slides when you have to use them with the microscope.

Finally, you should know that we have two options available for you in our stock. The first one is a slide microscope-storage box that can hold 2 pieces and the other one holds 5 pieces slides. The first one has an edge opening and the second one has an end opening. The inner packing is 100 per box and 1000 per case.

  •   Made from polypropylene, opaque, break-resistant.
  • These mailers are ideal for store slides long term.
  •  Handy, convenient and economical.
  •  Tight seal keep away from dust and moisture.
  •  Available mailers hold 2pcs and 5pcs slides.
  •  Mailer 2pcs designed Edge Opening, Mailer 5pcs designed End Opening.
  •  Packaged in boxes.


Parameters by Models

Slide Microscope Storage boxes