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Transport tubes, screw cap, free-standing bottom

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR1173


Please see in the table below the technical parameters for the available models.



Transportation and storage of biological, medical or chemical samples is a very important matter in every lab. It is fundamental that the lab ware is 100% reliable, so that nothing goes wrong in the testing process and you can obtain the right results. Containers, vials and transport tubes are important items and you should have the best ones, in order to guarantee any test you run in your laboratory, especially when you have to send them elsewhere to run further tests.

Transportation tubes are fundamental in any research, especially the ones that needs the samples to be moved from one place to another to run several tests. These transportation tubes are also known as mailing tubes, they are specially designed to fit your sample transportation, and your storage needs. These kind of tubes are a key part of your laboratory, as other instruments. It is important that you can rely on them to avoid any complications in your lab results.


Transport tubes

In this case, we are presenting you with polypropylene transport tubes. This thermoplastic is very common in a wide variety of applications such as packaging for consumer products. Actually, is one of the most commonly produced plastics in the world. This material has the chemical resistance this type of tubes need. Being polypropylene, these culture tubes are unbreakable; this is a very important feature inside any lab. They have a screw cap with a 1-1/4 turn thread made specially for super-fast screwing. In addition, they have printed graduations, so you can correctly see the measurements.  Finally, another great feature about these transport tubes is that they meet the 95Kpa transportation guideline. Therefore, there will not be any problems in handling or transportation.

These are freestanding bottom transport tubes and the come in two different sizes. One of them is 5 ml and the other one is 1.0 ml. This last model has a marked part so that you can write on it and the storage process becomes easier. About these freestanding bottom transport tubes’ dimensions, they are 16 x 60 mm and 16 x 80 mm respectively. The inner packing is 100 per bag and 1000 per case, and in both cases, the sterility process is N.S. These models are the definitive model to choose for your inventory lab ware.

  • Manufacturered from virgin polypropylene.
  • 2.1-1/4 turn thread design for super fast screwing, Printed Graduation.
  • Meets 95Kpa transportation guide-line.


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Transport Tubes