Polystyrene weighing boats: Makes your workflow smoother

There are a lot of multipurpose tools and instruments in any kind of laboratory. Having the appropriate instruments at the tip of your hand makes your workflow smoother and your results will definitely be more reliable. One of the most important procedures in a laboratory is the weighing and measurement process. There are different instruments and devices that aid you during that process, and one of them is weighing boats.

The ideal instruments for purposes like weighing, evaporating, dispensing and storing are weighing boat. These devices are able to support precise measurements, and they are compatible with balances and dryers. This means this is a multipurpose tool you must have in your laboratory. These are disposable devices used for precise weighing of substances. These substances are going to be transferred to another vessel.

Plastic weighing boats

Weighing boats are ideal for general-purpose weighing, evaporating, dispensing, and storing applications. Kalstein offers you the possibility to get them in diamond shape and square shape dishes that pack away neatly. The fact that they have rounded corners enables the easy removal of powdered and granular samples, being this a very practical feature to have in your laboratory. In addition, these weighing boats have recesses in their corners in order to facilitate a controlled pour-off. Moreover, they have proven ideal for dispensing and storage and as disposable mixing/quick freezing trays. They are available in black or white for improved sample contrast/visibility and packaged in ultra-compact dispenser packs.

During the weighing process, the weighing container should be placed on a clean surface, such as a Kim wipe, so that the bottom of the container does not pick up any dust. It is important that you clean up all chemical spills. Weighing boats are disposable containers used for weighing. A used weigh boat should be discarded in the waste container.

Polystyrene weighing boats

These weighing boats are the ideal plate to handle both liquids and solids. In addition, these are safe and contamination-free polystyrene boats. Polystyrene is a thermoplastic polymer commonly used in a wide range of consumer product application and is a useful commercial packaging. In this case, the polystyrene type used to make these boats is high impact, so expect a lot of resistance from these items.

The balancing process is a very delicate procedure inside any lab, because is in this moment when you define the amount of particles and solutions you need for your research experiments, sample testing and any other procedure in your laboratory. There are different balancing techniques in which weighing boats play a fundamental role. You should know that balances are sensitive to drafts, changes in temperature, or the vibrations caused by moving people. Advanced micro, semi-micro, analytical and precision balances have now been perfected to such a degree that, in general, no special weighing rooms are needed. There are many different types of balances or scales available to measure the mass of a sample. The selection of the balance depends on the mass of the object or sample and the precision needed for the measurement.

Since the weighing process is a very common but delicate and important procedure, we are going to leave you some recommendations involving weighing boats and balances:

  • Never weigh samples taken directly from a dryer or refrigerator.
  • Acclimatize weighing sample to the temperature of the lab or weighing chamber.
  • Hold sample containers with tweezers.
  • Never put your hand in the weighing chamber.
  • Increase the atmospheric moisture Electrostatic charging is particularly a problem in winter in heated rooms. In air-conditioned rooms, setting the air conditioning to increase the humidity (45-60 % relative humidity) can help.

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