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Low temperature thermostatic bath (heating, cooling)

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR04890


Please see in the table below the technical parameters for the available models.



Low temperature Thermostatic Bath (Heating, Cooling).

Product Description

The YR series low temperature constant temperature tank adopts an advanced fluorine-free cooling system, and the main parts are imported products, with stable and reliable performance. Widely used in petroleum, chemistry, electronic instrumentation, physics, chemistry, biological engineering, medicine and health, life sciences, light industry foods, physical property tests and chemical analysis and other research departments, colleges and universities, departments Inspection and production of business quality, working for users Provides a liquid environment with controlled temperature cold and hot, uniform and constant. You can perform constant temperature tests or tests on samples or test products. It can also be used as a heat or cold source for heating or direct cooling and auxiliary heating or cooling.

Parameters by Model