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Constant Temperature Water Bath with Digital Control

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR04841


Please see in the table below the technical parameters for the available models.



Constant Temperature Water (oil) Bath with Digital Control

Constant temperature water bath is equipped with a microprocessor intelligent control system. With circulating pump, it can let the heated liquid flow off from the tank and thus establish a second constant-temperature field. It is widely used in research institutes, universities, corporate quality control departments and industrial sectors relating to petroleum, chemical engineering, electronic instruments, physics, chemistry, bio-engineering, medicine and health, life science, light industry and food, materials testing and chemical analysis etc. It can provide for users a working environment where cold or heat was controlled accordingly. As a result, the temperature is kept evenly. Optional volatility ±0.05oC,±0.1oC. Two-color (red and green) LED display with dual window. Available is a large-screen LCD display.It is quick to set the temperature by touching the soft keys and easy to operate.The Micro-Computer can amend deviation of temperature measurements.Temperature display accuracy 0.1oC or 0.01oC.Fitted with a ultra-temperature alarm system.

Low temperature bath application range:

Cooling of the heating part of the semiconductor manufacturing equipment: temperature management of single wafer cleaning and transfer, printing machine, automatic chuck mounting device, spraying device, ion plating device, etching device, single wafer processing device, slicer, packaging machine, developer , a light-emitting device, a heating device for a magnetic portion, and the like. Cooling of the heating part of the laser device: laser processing, heating part of the fusion splicer, laser marking device, generating device, carbon dioxide laser processing machine, etc.


Parameters by Model