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LED Mobile Ceiling/Wall Mounted Examination Lamp

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR02551

Price: $ 4,200.00


LED Mobile Ceiling/Wall Mounted Examination Lamp



  • This product is applicable to ENT, Urology, and Gynecologic surgery lighting or auxiliary lighting, and it is the best lighting equipment. With high brightness, portability and other characteristics,it is more suitable for out-patient operating room of the emergency operations.
  •      With the mobile design, Φ300mm large reflective masks, its lamp height and angles can be adjusted to meet the needs of any angle; its illumination can be achieved to 60000LUX. There’s a Ergonomic handle on lamp head,Lighting spot diameter could be adjusted between 10-20cm by change the lamp head height. So it is an ideal lighting equipment for out-patient surgery.


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