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Carbon Fiber Electric Operating Table

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR02573


Carbon Fiber Electric Operating Table


  • Is a famous high grade universal electro-hydraulic operating table,Adopt the most advanced micro-computer and electro-hydraulic transmission system,With unique structure,easy to operate,safe and reliable,reach international high quality,
  • With human natural design idea,offer great X-ray radiolucent space.
  • Drived by electro-hydraulic,control the muti-position changes via remote controller,Such as lifting,left/right tilt,Trendelenburg/reverse trend,back board folding up/down,longitudinal shift functions,then could meet demands for various surgery needs.
  • Head board folding up/down
  • Independent head board section design,up folding upto 90°,Folding down upto 90°,Convenient for Otorhinolaryngology and brain surgery.
  • One key quick insertion
  • Patent design operating table one key detachable,Easy to insertion,Quick and safe.
  • Leg board folding up 15°,folding down 90°,and evagination upto 180°,More space,More powerful!
  • Upgrade built-in kidney bridge
  • 120mm super big lifting range,Convenient to fulfill Thoracic and Urology Surgery positions.
  • Foldable kidney adjust crank
  • Carbon fiber board
  • Adopt carbon fiber board with lightweight, high strength, high quality shock absorption,Fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance excellent performance.With best X-ray radiolucent performance,and high definition imaging. 
  • Special Used C-arm Operating Table
  • Table adsorb international advanced technology designed general surgery operating table,Could match work with C-arm,Table board use carbon fiber material,Low X ray absorption coefficient while high definition radiolucent imaging performance,Greatly reduce the X-ray damage to patients and medical staff.
  • Reliable transmission, excellent loading
  • Germany brand hydraulic system with low noise,strong driving power;Provide superior positioning accuracy, operational flexibility and driving smooth.
  • Built-in top-quality high capacity environmentally friendly batteries
  • The battery was maintenance-free,with low battery warning function.Operating table normal work will not interrupted when charging,when battery work,no need external power supply.
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Comfort multi-layer memory foam mattress,Anti-static, waterproof,anti-bacterial,anti-bedsore,tired free even Sedentary.
  • Embedded base plate
  • With appearance patent design,table with patent design upper and lower separated layers, head and endside double-arc, the central with embedded base style.
  • Reversed type head board(Optional)
  • Double shaft joint head board could be easily adjusted folding up/down,Could also set into headrest style.
  • Two section type leg board(Optional)
  • Could be detached,folding down and evigination,provide a free space closer to the surgical area for surgeon.Optional choose one section leg board,Integral leg board.
  • Open software environment(Optional)
  • Trough the remote control interface,Could fulfill surgery positions change and troubleshooting,could easily assimilate into integrated OR control system.
  • Innovative environment illumination(Optional)
  • Built-in LED environment illumination for endoscopy use,Offer proper illumination.Increase the surgical convenient and safety without effect the surgeon.
  • Wireless control panel(Optional)
  • Super long 50-100m remote distance;4G latest bluetooth remote technology;HD LED display,Could Synchronize surgery position adjustment.
  • T2 head frame(Optional)
  • Head frame could match work with soft shaft retractor and operating table to fix head use for Intracranial neurosurgery,and also for orthopedic and other surgery needs.

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