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Electric Multi-function Gynecology Obstetric Operating Table (Imported Model)

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR02606


Electric Multi-function Gynecology Obstetric Operating table (Imported Model)


  • Three import Denmark electric motors multi-function gynecology obstetric operating table
  • High quality 304 stainless steel on the whole body imported from Korea POSCO
  • Seamlessly with the body of concave molding polyurethane mattress
  • Patented brake system, Patent main lifting pillar system
  • Small full version 304 stainless steel pedal board (optional)
  • Foot pedal switch control systems (optional)

Main Features:

  • Use imported motor(electric push rod),mini touch control handling,the function up and down,back side angle and front and rear slanting angle all use motor,press the switch lightly,it can adjust every part steady
  • The whole performance is very reliable, durable, this series product's mattress mould is integrally formed, no gap, antibiosis, easy clean.
  • All of the outer cover and accessories are high quality 304 stainless steel imported from Korea(To ensure not rust within 15 years), beautiful, easy clean and preserve
  • Main up and down stand column: German design, Bearing with a safety factor of four times, square column lifts up and down, Eight fixed fasteners, ensure the weighing steady
  • Outreach type auxiliary units, large size design, and can satisfy the suture the placement of equipment and support physicians arm, improve the stability of operation, equipped with smoke pull auxiliary mesa.
  • Patent the base of the brake design, four point ground structure, can be strong fixed bed full solid without shaking.
  • Enbedded truckle which can move all direction, is made of ABS plastic cement ,there is no noise and steady when moving
  • Small full version 304 stainless steel pedal board, convenience for the maternal increase foot force.

Unique Feature:

  • The whole set imported electric Denmark motors
  • The overall bed 304 stainless steel.
  • A number of advanced design is optional.
  • A number of advanced patent applications.
  • With more than 10 years of production management, the level of first-class hospital user feedback valuable clinical recommendations, make our products more complex clinical demand.

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