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Electrical Hydraulic Operating Table (Intelligent Eccentric Column Model)

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR02582


Electrical Hydraulic Operating Table (Intelligent Eccentric Column Model)


  • Eccentric-column design, X-ray fluoroscopy can be used in wide range.
  • SUS#304 stainless steel from Korea
  • 2 independent hydraulic drive system, “0” fault
  • With master reset function and locking button function
  • Electric braking system controlled by touch screen
  • Hanging orthopedics tractor, skull operating rack (Optional)
  • Electrical hydraulic system from Germany (Optional)
  • “T” shaped base design, built in emergency battery (Optional)

Main feature:

  • Electric hydraulic drive system: adopting world famous brand hydraulic pump, solenoid valve, high pressure oil press line, low noise, working smoothly. The hydraulic system control the height adjustment, forward/backward tilt, lateral tilt and back rest, easy to operate. Those motion’s speed can be adjusted making patients feel comfortable. Horizontal oscillating quantity, vertical oscillating quantity and lateral oscillating quantity of level are better than industrial standard. Head board and leg board is manual operation, assist work with air booster system, easy to operate.
  •  Adopting Germany design, eccentric-column structure can make the operate table get the widest X-ray perspective space on the premise of stable
  •  Five section table board design, in consideration of patient’s physiological curve, Included angle can be formed between shoulder board and back board, back board and hip board to meet different surgery position; Those included angles are nature and soft, will not pull the incision excessively, it is good for operation and wound healing
  •  Head board and leg board can be exchanged, meeting different surgery position.
  •  2 independent hydraulic drive systems and 2 independent microprocessor control systems, to make sure that when one of them failed, another can be used
  •  ”T” shaped base design supple excellent shock resistance and stability, easy for clear and disinfection. Thin design can close C-arm very well, convenient for taking X-ray photo during operation
  •  Patent designed 3 section column makes the operating table’s stability and reliability; Patent designed quick plug-in unit convenient doctor exchanging head board and leg board quickly. Patent designed clamp type head board, safety and stability after locking
  • Optional the same brand hanging orthopedics tractor.
  • Machine design meet the national medical equipment safety standard, equips with different function’s accessories to meet different surgeries’ requirement. Optional high capacity battery, don’t need external power when using, increase the surgery safety. Optional touch screen control panel. Optional carbon fiber board, to increase the X ray penetration rate and image definition

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