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Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR02286



YR02286 is an Electrocardiograph which can collect 12-lead ECG signal and print waveform by the thermal printing system. It features in: recording and displaying ECG waveform in AUTO/Manual mode, measuring and diagnosing ECG waveform parameters automatically, prompting for "Lead off" or "Lack of paper", optional interface languages(Chinese/English), case database management.


  • 2.83"TFT-LCD, Touch Screen and Function Keys.
  • Sync Collection for 12-lead ECG, Display of 3/6/12-lead ECG on One Screen.
  • Synchronous Print Up to 3-lead ECG and Analysis Report.
  • 4h Standby Time, Continuous Print Up to 90 Minutes, Record Up to 100 ECG Waveform.
  • Paper Size: 50mm*20m.Optional ECG-Sync software, SD Card.