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Mini Magnetic Stirrer

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR01880

Price: $ 145.22


Mini Magnetic Stirrer

YR01880 lab agitator supplymagnetic stirrer lab


The Magnetic Stirrer has several applications and is actively used in many different industries. The main tasks it performs is to either stir or mix fluid samples. This is very useful in the food industry and chemical industry; besides which it is also used in several other industries like biotechnology.
This equipment applies to colleges, petrochemical industries, medicine, and environment protection institutions for liquid heating. It adopts heat resisting as insulating material, and seals nickel-chromium alloy resistance.


Plate Material

Made from chemicall resistant material


Top Dimension 

Palm size


Slip-proof and stable stand

Stir speed range

 15~ 1500rpm 


Automatic reverse rotation for excellent mixing performance


Temperature Control 

 High IP protection class(IP65)


It is the necessary equipment when the laboratory staff  mixing for a variety of liquid.

Other Configuration   

Mini powerful motor, magnet and special adjustment make stir process,consistent and prevents any disengagement of the stir bar in the solution.

Come with  front membrane sheet polyester

Setup surface diameter 100mm

The range uses a microprocessor control, which gives the products a more accurate stirrer speed ;


Strong magnetic to avoid the liquid escaping;























  • Speed range of 15-1500rpm
  • High IP protection class (IP 65)
  • Automatic reverse rotation for excellent mixing performance
  • Set-up plate and casing are made from chemically resistant materials
  • Slip-proof and stable stand

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