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Factory New LED digital mini magnetic stirrer

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR01878

Price: $ 475.00


5'' LED Magnetic Stirrer – (without heating)

Factory New LED digital mini magnetic stirrer


  • Pioneering and patented design of electromagnetism-driven mechanism
  • No concern about the mechanical wear and noise of the motor as the traditional design
  • No risk of demagnetization of the permanent magnet as the traditional design
  • Wear-free running provides longer life time
  • Tempered glass working plate is waterproof; strong acid and alkali resistant and very easy to clean
  • Touch key is more smart and user-friendly
  • Max stirring quantity (H2O) is 5000mL
  • Wide speed range from 15 to 1500rpm
  • LED display offers easy reading of the speed and time
  • Automatic reverse rotation every 30 seconds allows excellent mixing performance



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