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Single beam visible spectrophotometer

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR01844


YR01844 is a single beam visible spectrophotometer with manual wavelength setting.It is a basic model and ideal choice for routine analysis and general experiments.This specially designed single beam spectrophotometer is a low cost spectropgotometer which offers high performance,easy operation and wide application.


Microprocessor controlled

With microprocessor controlled, YR01844 can realize auto Zero and auto 100%T adjustment with one push-button. YR01844 has a LCD display instead of LED display for direct readout of Transittance,Absorption,and Concentration.

Grating monochromator

YR01844 uses 1200 line grating which ensures high resolution,low stray light and high parameters accuracy.

Date output

YR01844 is equipped with USB port which can be connected to PC to edit date through specific software.Date can also be printed through a parallel port when connected to a micro printer.

Compact design, easy to carry

The compact design of YR01844 saves bench space while all components function remain performed like 120mm wide sample compartment and long optical path monochromator.

Four Display Mode

YR01844 can display absorption,transmittance,concentration and coefficient directly by different mode switching.


Technical Specification