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Grandient touch screen PCR thermal cycler

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR01868


YR01868 Touch cycler is the flagship of  thermal cycling platform, offering unmatched performance for fast, accurate results and art interface with new ways to optimize protocols and meet any researcher’s unique needs. It enables you to choose from multiple interchangeable reaction modules, use the intuitive touch screen interface, optimize PCR assays using the gradient feature, transport your files and data with a USB flash drive, and connect to your laptop/PC for remote monitoring and future upgrading.

Intuitive touch screen makes running PCR easier than ever before!

  • The powerful, yet simple-to-operate user interface on the YR01868 system is driven by the 7-inch colorful touch screen. The large and intuitive graphical screen allows for real-time viewing of your temperature profiles. Additionally, the large navigation buttons put programming of the Thermal Cycler at your fingertips. Set-up and navigation do not require the use of a stylus or mouse.


Realization of intelligence!

  • Adopt the windows CE operating system to ensure the realization of intelligent instrument, with more than 100 self-diagnostic functions.
  •  achieves the network connection independently, users can visit our official website to update version, which prevent the complex operations and inconvenience of the traditional program updating.


Remote Management System from anywhere and everywhere!

Access your YR01868 Thermal Cyclers everywhere you go with optional Remote Management Software, which allows you to manage and monitor over 200 thermal cyclers from your computer. Create and edit methods on your computer and download from or upload to your Thermal Cyclers systems as needed. The power of the Thermal Cycler is just a click away.

  • 2000 protocols on board,unlimited with use of USB memory stick
  • ARM Platform Windows CE operating system
  • USB2.0, RS232, RJ45 communication port

Patented portable design for blocks

  • Versatile configuration options
  • Gold/Silver coated blocks increase heat conduction efficiency
  • Portable design is easy for sample blocks interchange without maintenance

Reliable lids

  • Specially designed lids reduce the evaporation during PCR
  • Hinge utilized in labtop industry makes lid open more flexible
  • Knob helps to accommodate a wide variety of PCR consumables

Environment & user friendly

  • Optimized to very low energy consumption
  • With its ultra-quiet ventilation,low noise levels are achieved, Enjoy it!

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