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Class B Table-top Autoclave.

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR0034-6

Price: $ 5,000.00


Please see in the table below the technical parameters for the available models.

Capacity (Liters)


Class B autoclaves are compact but their performance levels are comparable to those of the largest machines in hospitals. The letter “B” stands for “big small sterilizers”, because they are small machines that offer big performance. Any type of load can be sterilized in a Class B autoclave. This includes porous materials, products in pouches, textiles and hollow items such as wands, turbines and tips. The applicable standard for equipment of this kind is EN 13060, which is specifically dedicated to small steam sterilizers (i.e. machines with a sterilization chamber that is smaller than the sterilization unit). The standard distinguishes between sterilization cycles on the basis of the materials being sterilized (solid loads, type A solid loads with hollow sections and type B solid loads with hollow sections).

Autoclaves provide a physical method for disinfection and sterilization. They work with a combination of steam, pressure and time. Autoclaves operate at high temperature and pressure in order to kill microorganisms and spores. They are used to decontaminate certain biological waste and sterilize media, instruments and lab ware. Regulated medical waste that might contain bacteria, viruses and other biological material are recommended to be inactivated by autoclaving before disposal.

Autoclaves are also used in industrial applications where materials and parts require to be sterilized thoroughly during the process of production, this is comparatively less common in industries working with composite materials, specifically in the aerospace sector. Large sized autoclaves may be needed to accommodate some of the components because of their sheer size. Safety is a matter of great concern while using these devices.

YR0034-6 Series sterilizer is an automatic high temperature and pressure rapid sterilizer which works with steam as medium. It can be widely used in department of stomatology and ophthalmology, operating room, supply room, dialysis room and other medical institutions. It is unpacked items, solid instruments, dental hand pieces, endoscopes, implantable instruments, dressing fabric and rubber tubes, etc.

1. Build-in open type water tank
2.The sterilizer adopts easy clean open type water tank which can support repeated program running if fully injected with water.
2. High-efficiency ultimate vacuum
3. The sterilizer adopts high-efficiency low noise vacuum system which has excellent effects.
4. Large LCD display for YR0035-6/ YR0037-6
5. The LCD screen can display temperature, pressure, time, operating status, failure warning and other information.
6. It is convenient for customers to observe the sterilizer running status.
7. Multiple program types
8. The system has various programs that include: packed items, unpacked items, custom program,
9. Rapid program, BD testing program, vacuum testing program, preheat program and drying program.
10. Standard USB port for YR0035-6/ YR0037-6
11. Users can store the sterilization data with USB disk.
12. Optional mini printer can be attached to record the process of sterilization.