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Manufacturer: SafeBox
Model: 05500-01-08-00


Please see in the table below the technical parameters for the available models.




The Extension is a cylindrical container of high quality very flexible and innovative. It is specifically designed for a safe work environment in a hospital or healthcare facility. The Extension is designed with extra wall thickness to prevent punctures. It is stackable, both empty and full. It is equipped with a universal needle disconnector, a universal blade disconnector, an alternative for automatic unscrewing systems, a Luer lock switch and a sliding disconnect switch. It can be locked temporarily and permanently. The padlock symbol indicates that it is locked definitively. It has a visible fill line that indicates when the container is full. It is fully autoclavable and equipped with handles to facilitate transportation.


  1. UN and ADR standards are validated
  2. Stackable
  3. Marking for maximum filling level
  4. Autoclavable
  5. The lid can be sealed temporarily or permanently
  6. Made of environmentally friendly Polypropylene
  7. Hypodermic needle puller in the lid
  8. Designed with different types of brackets: wall, flat surface, trolley upright
  9. Extra wall thickness to prevent punctures
  10. Can be enlarged as much as needed

main Features

  1. Available size: 5.5 liters
  2. Standard color: Yellow
  3. Material: PP copolymer