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Ultra low freezer

Manufacturer: Kalstein
Model: YR-955


Secure the samples you need to store in ultra-low temperature freezers. Kalstein products offer the perfect combination of trust, cost-effective performance and most important: quality. We present to you the Ultra Low Freezer YR-955, the high-end performance device you need to have in your laboratory.


Ultra low temperature freezer

This freezer’s general specs are: the dimensions 700x600x1750mm (DxWxH), the effective capacity is 270L. The storage temperature ranges from -10°C to - 40°C and it weights 75 Kg.


Control System

The ultra low freezer runs with a microcomputer temperature controller, which means that the temperature can be set freely from -10°C to - 40°C. It also has a LCD display that shows the temperature information in a clearer way. About the alarm, it has a perfect audible and visual alarm that activates with high or low temperature, sensor failure or system failure. About the power supply: it runs with 220V /50Hz or 110V/60Hz.

  • Microprocessor-based temperature controller,  -10 °C to -40°C adjustable , controlling precision is 1°C, Digital temperature display.
  • Keyboard lock and password protected configuration page,Delayed start.
  • Audible and visual alarm: High or low temperature alarm, Power failure alarm, Low battery alarm, Door open alarm, Filter blocking alarm, system failure alarm (YR-957).


Structure design

The inside material in this ultra low temperature freezer is stainless steel, with a top quality cabinet made from SPCC steel. It also has high-end additions, such as an electronic spraying technique, which leaves de cabinets bright and clean. The upright cabinet has four adjustable steel wire shelves. In addition, it has an extra thick insulation layer that prevents the heat affecting the samples. This freezer also has a safety lock on the door and of course, a handle. This model has a four-unit casters or stand bars that makes it more comfortable to handle.  

  • Upright type, Stainless steel interior(YR-0147-1/ YR-955/ YR-956 is ABS material), Outer is painted steel panel,110mm foaming insulation, Casters for easy handing.
  • Adjustable 3 stainless steel shelves with inner door, double silicon gasket seal. (YR-0147-1/ YR-955/ YR-956 inside is drawer).
  • With temperature recorder, record 7days data. 72 hour back up battery for printer and controller display (YR-957).
  • Optional: Chart recorder, CO2 back up, storage racks/boxes, Remote alarm system.


Ultra low freezer thermometer

This Ultra Low Freezer YR-955 model. The refrigerant is R507, which works as a replacement of R-502 over the entire operating range. Also is CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) free, so that it does not affect the environment.

This model has an ISO 9001 certificate, which determines the requirements for quality. In addition, it has an ISO 14001 certificate, which means that this combined refrigerator and freezer, meets up the environmental standards. The ISO 13485 certificate guarantees the quality in medical devices. Moreover, there is the TUV certification, which guarantees the protection of the environment and finally CE certificate, which means that it has the European certification in safety matters. 


Refrigeration System:

  • Imported famous brandcompressor, lower noise and power consumption.
  • Unique refrigeration circulation and unipolar compressor oil-lubricated technology.

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Ultra low freezer