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NSF Certified Biological Safety Cabinets

Manufacturer: Kalstein
Model: YR0091

Price: $ 13,242.22


A cytotoxic safety cabinet is the product you need when it comes to having toxic to cells cabinets. Immune cells are an example of this case. This cytotoxic safety cabinet YR0094 is the premium solution for cytotoxic and antineoplastic drug processing. Which means that the patient, the environment and the pharmacist have the highest protection level. The unique demands of handling and preparing cytotoxic drugs for use in chemotherapy require a specialized cabinet. Especially, when Chemotherapy as a treatment of cancer often relies on the ability of cytotoxic agents to kill or damage reproducing cells.

This cytotoxic safety cabinet’s features makes the use of this model very practical and easy for the operator. First, it comes with a remote control, making all of the operations tremendously easier. It has a large LCD display that makes it easier to monitor all the safety parameters at a glance and the ergonomically sized control panel improves the user’s interface. This model has high quality stainless steel water and gas taps. It has a UV lamp with an emission of 253.7 nanometers for more efficient decontamination. The front window is motorized and it has two layers of laminated toughened glass?5mm, anti UV. The humidity and temperature can display on the control panel. Moreover, it has a bag-in-bag out filter with a PCV bag, which ensures the safety of the personnel and the environment, making the replacement process very easy and quick.   

This cytotoxic safety cabinet measures 1220x660x630mm (WxDxH) in the outside and 1370x760x200mm (WxDxH) in the inside. The gross weight is 350Kg.  The 304 stainless steel internal work area space is 0.73m3. The air supply filter is an ULPA filter with an efficiency of 99.999% for practical size at 0.12 μm. It has an audible and visual alarm system for filter replacement, window over height and abnormal airflow velocity. The power consumption is 900W. In addition, has a AC220V± 10% 50/60HZ and 110V±10% 60HZ power supply. The standards accessories are: one base stand, one drain valve, two waterproof sockets, one remote control, one piece of fluorescent lamp, two pieces of UV lamps, one water tap, one gas tap. In addition, the optional accessories are an armrest, a formalin fumigation sterilizer, an Infrared sterilizer and an airflow tester.

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NSF Certified Biological Safety Cabinets